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Leapsome is saving us lots of time during our performance appraisals and helps us build an open, value-oriented feedback culture. We’ve compared several platforms, and Leapsome stood out convincingly — it’s user-friendly, intuitive, and highly customizable. As a manager, I love how fast and openly the team at Leapsome reacts to our feedback and suggestions.

Dr. Christian Grobe

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Leapsome enhances meaningful feedback and employee engagement. It’s a must-have for every company at any stage. We are growing toward 750 employees, but the rollout was easy, fast, and successful nonetheless. The great customer support helped us through the whole onboarding process.

Thore Schӓck, Head of HR & Recruiting.

Thore Schӓck

Head of HR & Recruiting
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With the help of the people analytics, you can quickly understand the significance of the results. We also frequently use the 1:1 function, which, although very simple, is extremely useful.

Erica Ancobia, Head of People Operations

Erica Ancobia

Head of People Operations
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We see the People team as a partner team rather than an admin team. We want to focus on our employees and not on processes. With Leapsome, we have automated the manual work around feedback and career development so that we can spend our time with our people: understanding their needs, guiding them through their very own DCMN lifecycle, and helping them find purpose in what they do.

Theresa Jasaraj, Senior Manager, Personal Relations

Theresa Jasaraj

Senior Manager, People Relations

Customer Stories

How Bolt used Leapsome to scale their reviews processes, empower managers, and drive operational efficiency


How Swapfiets streamlined their review process and shaped a culture of continuous feedback using Leapsome


How Kolibri Games defined succinct performance reviews and set up clear consistent career growth paths using Leapsome

Mobile Gaming

How unios is celebrating employees, communicating its values to the entire organization, and making significant time savings through Leapsome.


How Workato is working with Leapsome to reshape engagement processes and support employees through a challenging climate

Software development

How Oetker Digital is using Leapsome to enable managers to deliver development-oriented reviews and gain actionable insights from pulse surveys


How Eurowings Digital used Leapsome to build a great place to work, reducing turnover by 12% and increasing eNPS scores


How Leapsome helped nTech to establish unifying goals, improve the quality of their meetings, and became part of their cultural fabric.

Recruitment tech

How hy found an all-in-one solution in Leapsome to drive employee development and performance and measurably improve employee engagement


How CHRONEXT is building a high-performing team and establishing leaner, efficient performance management processes with Leapsome.


How Generali Switzerland is reinventing its “performance dialogue” and scaling OKR processes with Leapsome


How KCare is using Leapsome to unify various software teams and increase transparency through goal alignment and structured meetings

Software development

How Fueled is gaining actionable insights from survey results and providing a personable offboarding process with Leapsome


How MavTek is facilitating onboarding and continuous employee development with Leapsome

Software development

How SIDES is enabling employee development & career growth with Leapsome

Software development

How Learnerbly is holistically enabling employees & developing its culture with Leapsome

Learning & development

How Modus Create is enabling leaders & developing a feedback culture with Leapsome


How Spryker is making remote onboarding much easier & developing a culture of feedback & employee engagement with Leapsome

Enterprise software

How ComplyAdvantage created smooth processes for remote onboarding, honest feedback, & development with Leapsome

Fintech & AI

How Picnic built a professional, scalable, & streamlined 360° performance review process that improved feedback quality


How heycar moved from a fragmented toolkit for 360° feedback, employee surveys, & OKRs to an all-in-one solution with Leapsome


How DCMN automated feedback processes to boost investment in employee development

Marketing & advertising

How EGYM’s HR team standardized feedback cycles & reduced manual workload with Leapsome

Smart fitness tech

How ecommerce giant ABOUT YOU unified feedback & development


How structured feedback helped Truffls improve their Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

Recruitment tech

How PlusDental implemented award-winning HR practices with Leapsome

Health tech

How finleap uses Leapsome to bring clarity to the workplace


How Advertima boosted peer-to-peer support with Leapsome

Ai software

How Pepper universalized its feedback system with Leapsome

Social commerce

How Tado uses Leapsome to streamline HR processes

Smart home tech

How Juniqe reduced performance review overhead by 90% with Leapsome


How Billie uses Leapsome as a one-stop platform for strategic HR topics


How Productsup kick-started its feedback culture with Leapsome

Enterprise software

How reBuy manages employee performance with Leapsome

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