Head of People Operations

How finleap used Leapsome to bring clarity to the workplace

Which challenges did you want to solve by introducing Leapsome?

At finleap we had different processes for feedback talks which we'd always done over Excel or Survey Monkey - this was pretty time consuming and unclear, the more so because the feedback was often either in paper form or located in different systems, and wouldn't get back to the people team. We couldn’t really see how far the talks had taken place, and without a proper tool the whole process wasn’t at all easy to manage. Another challenge was our goal alignment: with the tool it's possible to view the individual goals of each employee much better than before.

What has your experience been with implementing Leapsome?

I rolled out the tool in less than a week which was challenging - but worked out well due to the support of the Leapsome team. I find the tool very intuitive and you can set it up quickly. Implementation went seamlessly for the employees: the first log-in is very easy, and there isn't much to be explained so no trainings were necessary. It also helped that as an admin you can narrow down which functions can be used.

What changes have you seen across the company?

For me as part of the people team, processes can now be monitored and are much more actively controllable. Everything is stored in one place and I’m no longer forced to access and save documents from other systems. For the employees, their need for feedback is fulfilled much more reliably. Through Leapsome we’ve ensured that nothing can be forgotten and their desire for further development is sorted into categories. For the management, the review process under Leapsome provides both a guideline and food for thought, which they can use to advise and support their employees in their development at finleap.

What do you like best about Leapsome?

It’s brilliant how customisable the review process can be designed. Another great feature is the visual portrayals of the results (e.g. displaying self-evaluation and peer evaluation side-by-side). With the help of the graphics you can quickly understand the significance of the results. We also frequently use the 1:1 function which, although very simple, is extremely useful. Employees and managers collect their talking points before their mutual conversation and everything that hasn't been discussed is automatically carried over to the next week.

What would you say to those considering starting with Leapsome?

I would definitely recommend Leapsome, especially when looking for different user capabilities. Other than that the support from Leapsome is great, and very quick. The team takes on a lot of feedback which is often swiftly implemented.

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