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Unios is on a mission to make the places where we live, work, and play better through light. They believe that great lighting can create amazing experiences that really impact our daily lives. Their vision is to change the world's view of lighting and the value we all place on it, one person at a time. Because if people don't understand the impact of light, how can they possibly value it. They create lighting products that are accessible to everyone on every project.
Perth, Australia (HQ)
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Features Used:
  • Performance Reviews
  • Surveys
  • Goals (to be implemented)
  • Instant Feedback

“Leapsome is incredibly time-saving and user-friendly. We have the success center, the help center, and your CS manager, who is always available to help you. Most importantly, Leapsome saves you so much time when you’re dissecting data from surveys or feedback from people. Everything is segmented for you within the platform. Many of our managers have heavily taking advantage of Leapsome to help them conduct daily meetings and reviews.

Leapsome saved me a huge chunk of my day, especially when it’s time to conduct the Value Awards, an important aspect of how we communicate our values and celebrate our employees here at Unios.”

Linh Cung
Executive Assistant

The Problem

Unios is a forward-thinking company that embraces the importance of aligning every employee behind its company values and mission statement. At Unios the five core values date back to the company’s founding and hold great significance for the team. While the management level strongly upheld those values, the people team at Unios also realised that with growth and culture changes, not every employee might be as familiar and engaged with them. Working in a fast-paced environment also meant that employees didn’t always receive the recognition and praise they were due. Birthday and milestone celebrations were held in private group chats if they happened at all, and employees weren’t celebrated company-wide.

“Although we have a fairly engaged environment, we’re such an active company that there’s a million things going on all the time. We don’t always get the chance to say thank you, and a lot of people don’t get the credit they deserve. 

We introduced the Value Awards, but it was a very manual process, and people didn’t actually get to vote. It was an Excel sheet with the nominees, and the managers ended up deciding who would win. Each month, it would take a huge chunk of my time to collect everything and nominate the winners.”

The people team at Unios understood how these things could contribute to disengagement and dissatisfaction, so they introduced their “Value Awards”. An initiative that would select one employee who most represents each of the Unios values. However, this process was incredibly time-consuming for Linh Cung, Executive Assistant at Unios, and it also only allowed managers to decide which employee would win an award after their colleagues nominated them. She remembers spending at least half a day identifying the winners whenever they held the “Value Awards.”

Similarly time-consuming was the performance review process, which the team previously managed in Word documents. They also used Google Forms to conduct engagement surveys, which was limiting because it didn’t allow them to segment results and easily identify specific areas in need of improvement. It also kept employees from truly sharing their opinions in written form due to the lack of anonymity. Ultimately, the team realized that many of their people enablement processes were costing them unnecessary time and money, and they set out to invest in a solution that would simplify their processes and free up their workload.

The Solution

Although they hadn’t initially planned to find a time-saving solution for their “Value Awards,” they realized that Leapsome’s Instant Feedback module would be able to deliver just that in addition to simplifying their review process and creating more insightful survey analytics.

“Leapsome has been such a powerful tool for recognizing employees because we’re now immediately able to say thank you, and everybody sees it. That was very helpful, as well as integrating the birthday and milestone celebration into a company-wide channel.”

The Leapsome Instant Feedback module allows admins to create custom badges that can be attributed to the praise or feedback an employee is giving to someone else. The team at Unios named the badges after their five values.

At the end of each month, Linh can now simply go into Leapsome and count who received the most badges in each category. Not only does this save Linh time, but it also creates a process that allows winners to be selected by the entire Unios team and not just by managers.

The Result

🙌 A 280% increase in praise given around the company from a manual manager facilitated process to an inclusive Leapsome driven process.

🗣️ Increase in frequency and quality of surveys to create a more continual feedback loop within Unios.

Productivity savings for the people team

By automating previously manual processes such as the Value Awards and performance reviews Unios has been able to save a lot of time and money in productivity savings by automating processes with Leapsome.

“Each year, we would do our reviews through a Word document, and Ian, our Head of People and Culture, decided that the process was too time-consuming, similar to the situation with the Value awards.

We kicked off Leapsome’s reviews last month, and our people took it very well. The process is much easier, and everything is kept in one place. You don’t have to go back and search for this one document. Everything is kept in the same place in Leapsome.”

Insightful survey results

By using Leapsome’s Survey module, the team can now identify specific problem areas within the company. Previously, they would have to work solely with quantitative scores that lacked context and had issues in turning those into applicable initiatives for the entire company. Since every department is different and has its unique challenges, it is often ineffective to apply engagement initiatives as a one-size-fits-all measure for the entire team. With Leapsome, the people team can now define more targeted initiatives, and employees have the opportunity to share in-depth feedback and comments. This led unios to identify improvements for particular departments and levels of management.

“We were able to collect a lot of feedback from our people. They felt comfortable sharing their opinions because they got to anonymously submit answers. It was an insightful event for us. With the Google form, people just filled it out and didn’t really say anything. It was just a number. Now we get to listen to people’s feedback, what they really think, and which areas we should improve.”

Increased peer-to-peer recognition and praise

Linh reports that people at Unios were delighted to see that the “Value awards” were now awarded based on the decisions of the Unios team and not just the senior management. They enjoy giving feedback to their colleagues and feel more engaged with the initiative as a whole.

Praise, recognition, and living the Unios values have become more transparent and tangible to people. Every Friday, the people team projects the Leapsome Praise Wall in the cafeteria so people can read the recognition colleagues give to each other across the company.

“Our founder has been trying to communicate those values back to the people at Unios. We feel Leapsome is such a powerful tool to do just that. When people go in to say “thank you,” they see the badges that correspond to our values and can attach them to the comment. 

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from people. Leapsome was mentioned a lot in our recent culture survey. Many people love that we now have it because it’s like social media where people can interact with each other.”

What’s next for Unios?

The next goal for the team will be implementing the goals module in Leapsome. In the past, Unios had been using an Excel spreadsheet to enter their goals, but people struggled to adequately track the progress. Therefore, the team is working on a process to translate their goals into Leapsome to create more transparency and alignment and a more engaging goal process. Unios has already observed great success with Leapsome, and we’re excited to continue to be part of their journey, and further support them in building an engaged and productive team.

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