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EMPLOYEE engagement surveys

Uncover the
hidden drivers of engagement

Measure the pulse of your company culture with easy-to-set-up employee engagement surveys and use powerful insights to inform actions for improvement.

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Understand your employees

Collect meaningful feedback to understand the sentiment in any part of your organization with company-wide, leadership-only, or team-specific surveys. Measure and improve the engagement drivers that matter most to build a great company culture.

Employee Engagement & Pulse Survey Software screenshot showing user interface of the questionnaire
Employee Engagement & Pulse Survey Software screenshot showing employee engagement analytics

Gain the insights
you need

Create custom questions or use our question templates — backed by scientific research and verified by experts. Surveys can be anonymous or identified, and you can set them up to automatically recur. Track changes in engagement levels and indicators such as the employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) over time.

Question templates

Access our best-practice questionnaires developed by psychologists and customize as needed.

Share selectively

Share partial results and trends with managers and team leads, enabling anyone to take actions to improve engagement levels.

Fully customizable

Design your own survey process. Choose survey frequency, rotation, anonymity threshold, duration, and more.

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Sentiment analysis to drive engagement and performance
Sentiment analysis

Explore hidden insights with sentiment analysis

Decipher the overall experience of your employees. Discover common themes. Take data-driven actions to tackle the biggest challenges. All with the help of our Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technology that analyzes and scores the sentiment of written responses to each of your open-ended questions.


Discover relationships between performance and engagement

Use Leapsome’s powerful survey analytics to understand the engagement drivers that impact performance levels and employee churn so you can develop and retain your team. You can also segment responses by tenure, team, or manager to help spot important correlations.

Employee Engagement & Pulse Survey Software screenshot showing user interface of the questionnaire
Employee Engagement & Pulse Survey Software screenshot showing employee engagement analytics

Continue the discussion

Gain honest insights from employees without compromising their anonymity by striking up an anonymous conversation with survey respondents on their specific answers. Your employees’ privacy is respected while you gain a detailed understanding of their needs, allowing you to turn insights into action.

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Easily measure the pulse of your company culture with employee engagement surveys and use powerful insights to inform actions.

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Instant Feedback

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