How MavTek is facilitating onboarding and continuous employee development with Leapsome

MavTek is an ecommerce and content delivery platform that allows audiences to purchase or stream all forms of digital media content.
Montreal, Canada (HQ)
Company Size:
Features Used:
  • Learning
  • Meetings
  • Performance Reviews
  • Surveys
Software development

“We looked at several solutions and shortlisted three. We were seeking a solution that we could tailor to our growing needs, with an ease of use by both the administrators and end-users. Leapsome was a clear first choice.”

Marc-André Lacombe
VP of Engineering at MavTek

MavTek provides customers with digital media content, including real-time video streaming, and is disrupting the world of monetized content delivery. Headquartered in Canada, the organization is among the top 400 companies in bandwidth usage and has over 150 employees. 

The Challenge

As a company undergoing massive growth, MavTek was struggling with employee onboarding and needed a tool to facilitate the onboarding process:

“As with any company in hyper-growth, getting our team members up to speed is crucial. Onboarding a new employee took several weeks if not months, in some cases.

It became clear that simplifying and expediting this process would save us valuable time and costs and make the employee experience so much better.”

Running performance reviews presented another challenge. With no dedicated tool in place, there was no schedule for regular review cycles. This led to unnecessary manual work for MavTek’s People team and managers — including Marc-André Lacombe, the company’s VP of Engineering.

Performance assessments needed streamlined processes that could make them less labor-intensive and more insightful for employees.

The Solution

MavTek considered several LMS (learning management system) solutions and found Leapsome on leading verified user review platforms G2 and Capterra. Out of the three tools they closely considered, it was clear that Leapsome was the best choice. 

MavTek was convinced by Leapsome’s customizability, user-friendliness, and fair pricing — on top of a very positive sales experience. Additionally, Leapsome could provide MavTek with people enablement support that exceeded the company’s initial learning and onboarding needs.

The Result

Saving valuable time by optimizing and automating processes 

Besides having found a solution for its onboarding pains, MavTek is now keeping meetings concise and to the point with Leapsome’s tool for 1:1 and team meetings. But according to Marc-André Lacombe, our Performance Reviews module has also been highly impactful.

“The biggest impact has been moving to a quarterly review cycle rather than yearly. The amount of time we save as an organization by using Leapsome vs. our old methods is probably worth more than the cost of the module.

MavTek’s VP of Engineering also shared that Leapsome provides the right balance of depth within the platform’s functionality as an all-in-one platform that is capable in many areas. Our platform’s usability and commitment to excellence are highly appreciated at MavTek.

What’s next for MavTek’s use of Leapsome?

MavTek has just recently started using Leapsome’s Engagement Surveys module to gain valuable employee feedback and actionable insights from employees.

As the company grows and evolves, its team is continuously trying to focus on what can add value to the organization and its employees’ work lives.

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