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How Modus Create is enabling leaders & developing a feedback culture with Leapsome


Modus Create develops leading products, processes, and platforms by bringing an open source-inspired ethos to digital consulting.

HQ: Reston (Virginia), USA
Company Size:
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  • 1:1s & Team Meetings
  • Reviews
  • Surveys
  • Feedback & Praise

“Leapsome is definitely solidifying the feedback culture at Modus Create. We are better able to share resources with leaders and empower them to have conversations with their teams and build relationships with their reports. These conversations help create trust and transparency.”

Stephanie Myrie
Human Resources Manager

Modus Create is a remote company with office spaces in Virginia, United States, as well as Romania and Costa Rica, to give options to team members who may prefer an office setting. Dedicated to thought leadership and innovation, the company is redefining consulting for the digital age. With the help of a global team of over 400 strategists, designers, and technologists (the Modites) distributed across 50+ countries, Modus Create develops leading products, processes, and platforms.

Committed to streamlining processes and reducing the number of tools used to support their global workforce, the company has revamped their people management and employee enablement processes with Leapsome.

The Challenge

Human Resources Manager Stephanie Myrie reveals that the company used a different platform before adopting Leapsome. However, their previous tool lacked the capacity of helping managers become better leaders and supporting employee growth:

“The platform we had was not being used. It lacked a lot of the features we needed, like exit interviews, which were being tracked in Google Sheets. We user-friendly that the platform was not very user friendly or visually appealing either. It was also not integrated with Slack — and truthfully, we use Slack for everything!

Leaders were not keeping 1:1 meeting notes in one place where they were easily accessible. We also didn’t have any data to keep track of or use for different reporting purposes.”

Without a tool that allowed them to centralize meeting notes and feedback, leaders at Modus Create kept this valuable information in their individual Google Drive accounts, and notes ended up left aside.

Employee surveys also weren’t being explored to their full potential. Everything was tracked in G-Suite, with no flexibility or the possibility to export data. All in all, precious information that could drive company and employee growth wasn’t being used.

Stephanie also shared that Modus Create lacked guidance on how to structure meetings. Their managers were hungry for more best practices.

The Solution

“We love Leapsome, and most of all, we love that our company is using it! Our experience has been great, and it feels very good to have a tool for leaders to use in order to have metrics and meeting notes, and feedback cycles in one place.

We also love the praise feature and the surveys — we’ve gathered lots of good feedback using the survey feature.”

Modus Create chose Leapsome after evaluating eight platforms. According to Stephanie, the other tools either didn’t have what they were looking for, didn’t fit the organization, or the price was too high.

The company was looking for a platform with performance management, feedback, engagement, and survey capabilities. It was crucial that the chosen tool had a Slack integration and allowed for notes to be taken during meetings — all of which is offered by Leapsome.

Implementing Leapsome also meant including external partners in valuable feedback loops and making work more fulfilling for everyone. Stephanie shared: “We loved the different types of feedback that it offers, as we also have some independent contractors who don’t take part in annual reviews but like to receive feedback from others to ensure they’re doing a good job.”

Leapsome stood out when compared to all other tools due to pricing, the platform’s flexibility, and the guidance and resources offered — like best-practice templates, guides, and our dedicated Customer Success team, who Stephanie said are “so fast in responding to inquiries, it makes everything much easier.”

The Result

“I loved seeing how many of our leaders were hungry for a platform like this. Because they were so busy with their own work, or maybe they weren’t aware that tools like this existed, they did user-friendly best to create their own processes to track progress and metrics.

Now that we have Leapsome, they’re very excited to use it as much as they can.”

The consulting company and the “Modites” have found Leapsome so user friendly that “people seem to just understand it right off the bat.” This ease of use and flexibility, alongside our features, resources, and the steadfast support of our Customer Success team, have made Leapsome’s rollout smooth for Modus Create.

Stephanie revealed that managers have been engaged and asked many questions about how they could incorporate certain processes and track specific metrics within Leapsome.

Besides using Leapsome for surveys (like leadership and exit surveys), 360° reviews, 1:1s and team meetings, goal-tracking, and instant feedback, Modus Create has also centralized processes like exit interviews within our platform.

What’s next for Modus Create’s use of Leapsome?

Now, the company plans to invest in their feedback culture even more with Leapsome:

“Modites would like feedback and 1:1s to happen more frequently, as we currently don't make it mandatory for leaders to have these. The main reason was the fact that we didn’t have a proper platform — but now that we have Leapsome, we’re working on the entire feedback and review cycle process and formalizing it.”

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