Build stronger teams through real-time peer feedback

Build stronger teams through real-time peer feedback

Leapsome drives performance and continuous learning through real-time peer feedback


We believe feedback should be simple, real-time and development-focused.

Introducing team feedback that's fun and drives your bottom-line.

Simple feedback.

Leapsome makes it fun and easy to give feedback or praise when it's most relevant and turns a previously hierarchical and slow process into an agile approach.

In-depth analysis.

Collecting feedback is just the first step. We create employee-centric progress - and aggregated manager reports, fostering a culture of coaching and learning.

Smart learning.

Equipped with insights about soft skills, hard skills, and personal goals we offer a tailor-made curriculum of learning and coaching material to each employee.


Why Leapsome?

Establishing continuous learning as the main goal of performance feedback.

Feedback needs to be redefined

Millennial employees report that they do not receive enough feedback to learn and develop professionally in workplaces with ever faster-changing job requirements.

The current performance management system is broken - slow, time-consuming and deeply tied to promotions instead of focusing on development and learning.

The lack of adequate feedback leads to decreased productivity, reduced motivation and lower talent retention - and rising costs for your organization.

Leapsome enables users to quickly give feedback or recognize an important piece of work across the organization, whether it's upward, downward or from peer to peer. Users receive intuitive, aggregated progress reports that enable them to track their progress.

You can set up your team in minutes by using our proven feedback framework or by adjusting it to your needs. Our platform gives adaptive recommendations on how to improve feedback behavior. Smart reminders help you identify who to give feedback to.

Our analysis of individual skill profiles helps to make rich, personalized learning recommendations. Think of Leapsome as your personal career coach, driven by human feedback, lots of data crunching and a pinch of artificial intelligence.

Leapsome uses insights from Carol Dweck's (Stanford) research, building on a "growth mindset" logic and helping users understand their learning potential. Similarly, we incorporate results of Adam Grant's (Wharton) research into collaboration in teams.

50+ %

share of millenials in the global workforce by 2020

80+ %

of millenials wish to receive frequent feedback

20+ %

productivity boost through performance feedback

Too high

average re-hiring cost for an unsatisfied talent

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