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Deliver meaningful,
growth-oriented reviews

Run impactful performance and 360° reviews that are easy to set up, easy to complete, and beneficial for all.

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Leapsome is saving us lots of time during our performance appraisals and helps us build an open, value-oriented feedback culture. We’ve compared several platforms, and Leapsome stood out convincingly — it’s user-friendly, intuitive, and highly customizable. As a manager, I love how fast and openly the team at Leapsome reacts to our feedback and suggestions.

Dr. Christian Grobe, CEO at Billie

Build the review you & your talent need

Run simple performance reviews, agile project reviews, 360° reviews, and anonymous leadership reviews. Get help on setting up your review process from our best-practice templates and frameworks or customize everything — from questions to timelines and anonymity settings. Leapsome is highly flexible.

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Save time with automated review cycles

Create review templates and timelines that can be reused across cycles and set to recur independently. Use employee data to automatically trigger probation period reviews or decentralized annual review cycles. Invitations, notifications, and reminders ensure all participants complete their reviews.


Provide a roadmap for professional growth

Measure employee performance across key skills and competencies. Define company-wide or team-specific skills and track development in these areas over time. Understand skill gaps to improve team composition, better allocate training budgets, and inform hiring plans.

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Create Belonging

Align everyone around your mission to keep that true sense of belonging.

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Drive Engagement

Check-in on your team's well-being, and provide them with the support they need.

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Enable Managers

Provide your managers with the tools they need to lead their teams effectively.

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Grow Talent

Grow your talent in a meaningful way that contributes to business.

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Create Belonging

Align everyone around your company’s mission to foster a true sense of belonging.

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Drive Engagement

Check in on your team, support their well-being, and boost engagement.

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Empower Managers

Provide your managers with the tools they need to lead their teams effectively.

People enablement when it matters most

Look after your teams, no matter where they are.


Avoid biases
in reviews

Curb biases in your performance review processes. Have quick access to peer reviews, past feedback, goal performance, and 1:1 meeting notes to help managers write comprehensive and fair reviews focused on employee development and constructive feedback.

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Keep everything
in one place

Dashboards show the current status of each review cycle. You’ll see key data at a glance — like how many reviews are pending and who already had development conversations with their managers. In the background, automated reminders nudge participants to complete their performance reviews so that you can simply relax.


Leverage the power of data in your reviews

Use review data to track performance changes over time and compare teams, departments, or individuals across specific skills. Identify high potentials, facilitate succession planning, and target training investments more effectively. Achieve balanced, unbiased, and fair reviews with in-tool calibration via our live heatmaps.

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Leapsome AI

Drive growth with AI-powered reviews and feedback

Help managers save time and turn notes into unbiased comments with learning-oriented recommendations ensuring all review feedback is meaningful and actionable.

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What you can do with Leapsome

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Performance &
360° Reviews

Run impactful and painless performance, 360°, project, or leadership reviews that are easy to set up and complete — and highly beneficial.

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Goals & OKR Management

Track, collaborate, and align on company, team, and individual goals to boost accountability and transparency across your organization.

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Easily measure the pulse of your company culture with employee engagement surveys and use powerful insights to inform actions.

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Instant Feedback

Promote a culture of rapid development and learning through sharing instant feedback and praise with anyone in the organization.

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1:1 and team Meetings

Conduct productive and effective 1:1s and team meetings with anyone in your organization, driven by a well-structured agenda and talking points.

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Learning & Onboarding

Develop and engage your talent with a highly personalized, scalable, and automated learning and onboarding experience.

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