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How Leapsome became the one-stop platform for strategic HR topics at Billie

Which challenges did you want to solve by introducing Leapsome?

I've only been with Billie for five months, so I was not there at the launch. But Leapsome was supposed to help us to streamline, automate and standardize our performance reviews as much as possible. All of this works very well with Leapsome. After having implemented Leapsome for performance reviews, the other modules were an additional "positive surprise". We then realized for instance that we could do our biweekly ENPS Surveys with the platform and we were very happy about it!

What has your experience been with implementing Leapsome?

I was not there at the launch, but I found my way around Leapsome right away. We were able to include everything we wanted to into our performance reviews, such as our structure, questions, response formats, scale and our value and competence model. It works just great!

What changes have you seen across the company?

Leapsome has become Billie's central tool for everyone. It's great that it's a one-stop shop for all HR topics outside of the HR Database.

What do you like best about Leapsome?

The flexibility of the platform! This is also due to the responsiveness of the Leapsome customer support. Whenever something could be improved or customized, the Leapsome team is very open to suggestions and extremely quick to implement. This supports my role as VP HR and contributes to my peace of mind as I never feel left alone with Leapsome. Our managing directors also find the tool very convincing, we are proud to use it!

What would you say to those considering starting with Leapsome?

I would recommend Leapsome 100%! It is a great addition to the HR database system. It's also very flexible, easy to navigate, simple to use and the support is great!

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Completely modular + Multi-language

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360° Performance Reviews

Save time with automated 360s and employee-centric performance reviews

SMART goals & OKRs

Align your company around objectives and key results or SMART goals

Engagement Surveys

Run anonymous pulse surveys to understand your employees and make better decisions

Continuous Feedback

Enable continuous feedback and praise  to boost employee learning

1:1 Meetings

Provide guidance for better meetings between managers and employees


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