How Leapsome helped PlusDental become a more attractive workplace for the Y Generation

Jan Holste describes the way Leapsome helped PlusDental (formerly SunshineSmile) create the culture of feedback so many millennials look for in a new job.
Jan Holste
Director People & Culture
Plusdental is a fast-growing Digital Health Startup in the area of orthodontics.
Berlin, Germany
Company Size:
Health Tech
Features Used:
  • Goals & OKRs Management
  • Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Instant Feedback & Praise
  • 1-to-1 Meetings
  • Performance & 360 Reviews

Which challenges did you want to solve by introducing Leapsome? 

PlusDental (formaly SunshineSmile) is a startup going through all the usual growth pains associated with rapid scaling, which meant we needed a structured process for feedback. Before Leapsome we didn’t have any feedback processes in place whatsoever, so from an HR perspective I couldn’t see what kind of feedback was taking place, if at all. Leapsome is a tool that nurtures feedback with a touch of playfulness. By addressing feedback we now meet one of the most basic needs for personal development. Feedback and opportunities for growth are a big factor when millennials choose a job!

‍What has your experience been with implementing Leapsome? 

Overall, introducing Leapsome through the API to Personio was quick and simple - our employees were easily synchronised and uploaded to Leapsome, after which getting started with the modules in the platform was also pretty straightforward. As we had a consistent contact person and key account manager, the onboarding ran smoothly and it felt like we were in good hands. It also helped that most of the information on the tool is readily available within the Leapsome Help Center.

What changes have you seen across the company? 

The public praise function works really well - employees use it to give praise within the app, but now they also give each other active appreciation outside the app. I’m really happy about this development. On top of that, the feedback framework via Leapsome is great for transforming our organisation as it helps to uncover pain points within our company. Now if someone comes to me and says, "hey, I have to give feedback to twenty different people," I’ll say, "okay - maybe we’re not working with the best organisational structure if you’ve got twenty direct reports in the first place, so let’s address that instead of dismantling the feedback process.”

What do you like best about Leapsome?

By using the relatively lean SaaS solution, we are one step ahead in terms of digitisation and data-driven insights in HR compared to lots of big companies. I like the fact that Leapsome works well with Windows as well as iOS and mobile devices. Furthermore the platform has a “plug and play” character, so with many of the features you can start straight away without putting too much thought into it. 

What would you say to those considering starting with Leapsome? 

I’d definitely recommend Leapsome! The feedback and survey modules ensure we’re listening to our employees (while also providing feedback to everyone to learn and develop). This increases employee engagement that directly translates into cost savings. Assuming we have just a 1% increase in engagement, the costs of the platform pay off very quickly. And this doesn’t yet take into account the savings we’ve made in retention and productivity!

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