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better recommendations

Enrich feedback with meaningful impact

The Leapsome AI offers leaders an easy way to transform their thoughts into constructive comments enriched with ideas on improvement initiatives, giving their team members more impactful takeaways.

Structured 1-on-1 Meetings Software screenshot showing the integrations with goals and okrs
Structured 1-on-1 Meetings Software screenshot showing the integration with employee feedback and praise

Summarize feedback with ease

Provide managers with a digestible overview of feedback through the ability to generate a summary of that team member's feedback from peers and direct reports with the click of button. 

spelling & Grammar

Increase confidence in writing feedback

Help feedback authors move faster and with greater certainty by using the AI to reduce any miscommunication or confusion through its grammar and spelling check function. 

Structured 1-on-1 Meetings Software screenshot showing the integrations with goals and okrs

More efficient development

AI can identify opportunities commonly overlooked in general feedback leading to deeper learning.

Reduce natural human bias

Take out the human bias and help managers identify real issues leading to better opportunities for growth.

Streamline processes

Help managers and employee peers move faster without sacrificing quality in their evaluations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I use Leapsome AI?

Getting Started with Leapsome AI. The AI-backed enhancement in the Reviews module is optional. The enhancement is on-demand, meaning you can choose to switch it on or off. If you do not want to use the enhancement, you are not obligated to do so and can continue using Leapsome as before.

Leapsome Admins can turn on the feature via the Review Settings in the platform.

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What value does AI bring to HR?

We believe that feedback should always be prepared and written by a human. But we also understand that some people are more confident writers than others. As the workplace evolves, particularly in remote and hybrid settings, the importance of clear and effective written communication becomes even more apparent.


What you can do with Leapsome

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Performance &
360° Reviews

Run impactful and painless performance, 360°, project, or leadership reviews that are easy to set up and complete — and highly beneficial.

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Goals & OKR Management

Track, collaborate, and align on company, team, and individual goals to boost accountability and transparency across your organization.

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Easily measure the pulse of your company culture with employee engagement surveys and use powerful insights to inform actions.

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Instant Feedback
& Praise

Promote a culture of rapid development and learning through sharing instant feedback and praise with anyone in the organization.

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1:1s & Team

Conduct productive and effective 1:1s and team meetings with anyone in your organization, driven by a well-structured agenda and talking points.

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Learning &

Develop and engage your talent with a highly personalized, scalable, and automated learning and onboarding experience.

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