Nika Bešker on how Leapsome enables personal and developmental goal-tracking and performance management at Repsly.

Repsly, Inc. provides retail execution software that empowers CPG teams to make data-driven insights and achieve peak performance in the field.

Boston, MA, USA
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  • Reviews
  • Surveys
  • Goals

“We were looking for a performance management solution that embodies our core values — transparency, respect, team work, and development — and found exactly that in Leapsome. 

Since implementing, Leapsome has enabled significantly easier personal and developmental goal-tracking and sharing feedback and shoutouts. The simplicity and user-friendliness of the platform allows us and our teams to continuously discover new ways in which Leapsome can support performance management and the growth of our culture. 

At the same time, having a central place for managing individual performance, team performance, and gathering feedback is very productive and effective.”

Nika Bešker
Strategic Business Analyst and HR Project Manager

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