Susie Porter on Leapsome’s user-friendliness and simplicity of design

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We found Leapsome after breaking up with another employee engagement system that was over-complicated and had too much of a “computer language” navigation. We did exhaustive research to avoid jumping right back into another bad relationship. 

The one company that found its way to the top of our list, and stayed there throughout the evaluation, was Leapsome. Here is why:

  • Ease of use: Leapsome is extremely user-friendly! No technical degree is needed to set it up; everything is explained in very simple and straightforward language.
  • User-friendly interface: Leapsome has an extensive list of custom-crafted survey questions designed to elicit the actionable feedback we sought. It also offered us the option to add our own custom questions to the survey if there was a specific concern on which we needed feedback. Our employees found that the variety of survey responses allowed them to answer questions appropriately, and they could also share additional comments or be more detailed if they wished. Those of us with admin rights could then engage in dialogue with the respondents — while keeping their anonymity — to gain more clarity. We found that employees were more willing to share honest, candid feedback when they could offer their feedback anonymously. We are a multi-site international company; while retaining employee anonymity, Leapsome allows us to sort the feedback by location, manager, or team. This way, we could identify locations and teams needing a little extra attention before a problem developed.
  • Employee reviews: The performance reviews were incredibly simple to set up in Leapsome with the platform’s “cafeteria-style” template process. The employee completes a self-assessment, evaluating the performance for the review period. At the same time, the manager is completing the employee’s evaluation from a supervisory standpoint. Once both individuals finish and “submit” the evaluations, each may view the other’s performance evaluation and comments, springboarding a discussion during the performance review meeting. The heatmap view offers an overlay of all scores to see where there is agreement or misalignment in performance perception.

After evaluating many different employee engagement platforms during our process, our evaluation team of four chose Leapsome by unanimous vote over other more well-known systems. 

We’ve been using Leapsome for over a year, and we love it. It allows us to mine information to keep our company culture thriving and make our employees feel heard. 

Leapsome’s Customer Success team is outstanding too; they are very responsive; they listen to (and often implement) customer feedback. Leapsome’s team also holds frequent customer webinars where they roll out and demonstrate new features and system enhancements, which makes it an even more valuable tool in our HR toolbelt.”

Susie Porter
HR Manager

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