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Provide a roadmap for professional growth of your talent

Define company-wide or team-specific skills to measure employee performance and track development over time.

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Team or Company Skills

Customize the competency framework for your company

Create a competency framework as the basis for performance reviews, 360s, and instant feedback. Skills can be applied to the whole company or specific teams according to their needs.

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Visualize development requirements

Define what’s needed for each skill at each level and visualize this. Set clear expectations and provide your employees with a pathway to the next level of seniority.

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Instant Feedback

Facilitate instant feedback related to the skills in your company’s competency framework.

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Ask the right questions in the review process to evaluate employees across common skills.

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Goals & OKRs

Allow employees to set their own career development goals tied to specific skills.

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Development Goals

Set clear development goals transparently

Assign skills to goals so that employees can have a tangible target to develop skill sets and advance their careers.

Goals & OKR Management Software screenshot showing the goal status and tracking features
Goals & OKR Management Software screenshot showing goal tree with relationship between goals at different levels
Actionable Feedback

Make feedback structured and actionable

With the development framework, all feedback received can be tied to a specific skill, making it more tangible and actionable.

“I strongly believe in combining performance, learning, and engagement with a platform that the whole organization enjoys using — not just management and HR roles. The market clearly lacked a tool which does this well and covers these topics holistically. Leapsome created the platform that actually achieves this.”

Nicolas Dolenc, Human Catalyst at Smartly.io

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What you can do with Leapsome

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Performance &
360° Reviews

Run impactful and painless performance, 360°, project, or leadership reviews that are easy to set up and complete — and highly beneficial.

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Goals & OKR Management

Track, collaborate, and align on company, team, and individual goals to boost accountability and transparency across your organization.

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Easily measure the pulse of your company culture with employee engagement surveys and use powerful insights to inform actions.

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Instant Feedback

Promote a culture of rapid development and learning through sharing instant feedback and praise with anyone in the organization.

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1:1 and team Meetings

Conduct productive and effective 1:1s and team meetings with anyone in your organization, driven by a well-structured agenda and talking points.

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Learning & Onboarding

Develop and engage your talent with a highly personalized, scalable, and automated learning and onboarding experience.

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