How KCare is using Leapsome to unify various software teams and increase transparency through goal alignment and structured meetings

KCare provides software solutions simplifying the management of child welfare and behavioral health
Austin, TX, USA (HQ)
Company Size:
Features Used:
  • Goals & OKRs
  • Meetings
  • Performance Reviews

“Leapsome is our go-to place for looking at our work from a goal perspective — how we’re progressing and hitting those goals. It has proven to be really successful in uniting us, while working remotely and across different offices, and keeping us focused on the right things. Leapsome is a core part of how we do our business.”

Lisa Potter
VP of Marketing at KCare

KCare is a software development company in the social services sector. The organization provides three main software solutions for case management, EHR (electronic health records), and analytics. KCare has offices across the United States and over 150+ employees.

The Challenge

KCare was founded through the acquisition of three software companies (ExtendedReach, Exym, and Stabilify) by Radical Health. With independently functioning businesses at play and offices across the country, KCare needed a solution for creating strategic alignment and transparency across the business units and offices.

The organization was also looking for a way to streamline meetings, save time, and stay on top of what was being discussed, planned, and achieved across teams.

Before adopting Leapsome, each team at KCare used a different system to manage goals and agendas — including taking decentralized notes in notebooks and personal computer files. This, of course, was far from ideal, creating issues with alignment and transparency. 

With its unique organizational structure, KCare aimed to achieve the following:

👥 Have a centralized system for managing meeting notes and to-dos

🎯 Create transparent company-wide and cross-team goals

🚀 Run unified and regular performance reviews

The Solution & The Results

KCare’s CEO, Katie Cortes, started looking for solutions; being very interested in tech platforms, she quickly came across Leapsome. 

The organization decided to first roll out Leapsome’s Goals & OKRs module. The CEO and KCare’s People & Culture team were happy to see that employees across all teams and offices were quick to adopt the new software, and immediately experienced positive changes.

Leapsome is very easy to use! We started by inputting all of our goals; we could finally see each other’s goals and align them with a company-wide perspective. 

It was mindblowing to have a transparent view of goals and really understand how everyone’s work contributes to our business objectives.

Every team started planning and documenting goals with Leapsome; this way, each department could see how close it was to reaching its objectives, as well as their contributions to the goals set by other KCare departments. With Leapsome, KCare finally achieved full transparency on company-wide goals and their interconnectedness.

Shortly after introducing Leapsome’s goal-setting features, KCare decided to run its meetings via the platform as well. Now, all meetings are set up in Leapsome and follow a clear, structured agenda. Meeting participants can also add action items, which can get carried over to the next meeting until they’re tackled — this way, nothing is forgotten about. 

Lisa Potter, KCare’s Vice President of Marketing, shared how helpful it is to visualize goals within the meeting agenda in Leapsome:

“During my marketing team meetings, it’s so easy to go through all of our goals and see at what percentage we are with progress, and where we need to focus. 

The integration between Leapsome’s modules for goals and meetings makes our workflows much easier. When I have my 1:1s with Katie, our CEO, I’m easily able to answer one of our standing questions, ‘How are we doing against quarterly goals?’, and pull the data up right there. 

Leapsome has really changed and unified how we’re doing our business.

As KCare is essentially unifying three different companies, having all business goals visible and seeing how they ladder up has helped employees understand what colleagues are working on, which brings the entire organization closer together.

Lisa shared that KCare now documents company-wide, departmental, team, and personal goals — all within Leapsome. Deciding the visibility of goals and being able to share personal development goals with your manager has also had a positive impact on work and employee growth at KCare.

Before Leapsome people would set goals and then forget to keep track of them as the year progressed, but now goals stay present within the platform.

“Adding goals and editing them in the platform is really easy. What I have found is that before, people would write their goals and then never look at them again, but Leapsome allows us to make them a living part of our day and work.”

What’s next for KCare’s use of Leapsome?

One of KCare’s goals is for every employee to make Leapsome a part of their everyday work. The company has recently started leveraging performance reviews and connecting them to goals. Having one platform with interconnected goal-setting and performance review features allows KCare to now runs team and individual reviews that incorporate goal progression. In the future, the company aims to roll out more Leapsome modules.

KCare’s VP of Marketing offers the following advice to anyone considering Leapsome:

Do not fret! Leapsome is really easy to implement. Once you have your goals, meetings, and reviews all in one place, you’ll feel much better about your work. You’ll be able to work much more effectively and efficiently.”

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