How ComplyAdvantage created smooth processes for remote onboarding, honest feedback, & development with Leapsome

ComplyAdvantage automates AML (anti-money laundering) data generation and partners with global regulators since 2014. Today, the award-winning fintech/AI company has offices in several countries and helps over 500 customers in more than 75 countries fight financial crime.
London, UK (HQ); New York & San Francisco, USA; Singapore; Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
Company Size:
Features Used:
  • 1:1s & Team Meetings
  • Reviews
  • Competency Framework
  • Surveys
  • Goals & OKRs
  • Feedback & Praise
  • Learning & Onboarding
Fintech & KI

“Leapsome makes our people management processes much smoother. It allows our people to put more energy into conversations, and the People team to focus on developing and fostering a high-performance culture.
We were looking for a tool that would integrate seamlessly with our systems, and that was easy to use for managers and flexible for us to customize. Leapsome has been able to meet all of our requirements and more.”

Holly Smith
Culture & Employee Experience Manager

The Challenge

ComplyAdvantage has been automating AML (anti-money laundering) data generation and partnering with global regulators since 2014. Today, the award-winning fintech/AI company helps over 500 customers in more than 75 countries fight financial crime.

With more than 300 employees currently, ComplyAdvantage is evolving fast — and like any other rapidly scaling organization, it experienced growing pains in People Ops. Holly Smith, Culture & Employee Experience Manager at ComplyAdvantage, shared that the performance review process was one of their biggest challenges:

“Ahead of implementing Leapsome, we had lots of different ways of managing the review process across the organization. Not only did we want to create one global approach to managing the review cycle consistently, but we also wanted a tool that supported our managers to have genuine conversations with their people.”

Holly explained that, at the time, each manager had their own way of carrying out reviews for their reports. The company recognized a need to bring consistency to performance assessments to push forward an open and honest company culture, supported by always-on feedback and employee engagement surveys.

Furthermore, making processes more streamlined and less time-consuming for managers was critical. According to Holly, “some worked on super complicated Google Sheets, others had formal conversations and requested a lot of support from HR, but most were not even having performance or development conversations regularly.”

The Solution

ComplyAdvantage experimented with various tools. The ideal solution would be easy to use, highly customizable, and integrate seamlessly with systems the organization already had in place (like HRIS software Hibob), supporting the entire employee lifecycle.

“Had we not partnered with a tool to support our performance review cycles, we would have continued to have different experiences across the company, depending on which team, location, and manager someone worked with.”

The Culture & Employee Experience Manager revealed that Leapsome was the chosen platform due to its straightforward integration features, easy-but-thorough customization, data analysis, and the support our team has been offering from the beginning. “Leapsome’s support team is very quick to respond and friendly. It’s not been just about the sale and the initial implementation. They are great partners.”

Additionally, Leapsome has helped the company consolidate the development process for new hires across the organization’s various offices worldwide and tackle the challenges of remote onboarding.

Holly adds: “The willingness and ability to offer a solution that worked for our needs stood out against other suppliers we spoke to.”

The Result

“People at ComplyAdvantage love the user experience of Leapsome and the fact it integrates so seamlessly with Google, Slack, and our HRIS tool.”

Leapsome helped the company consolidate and standardize performance and development activities while saying goodbye to cumbersome processes and spreadsheets. In addition to ComplyAdvantage using our employee onboarding software, our platform has also facilitated goal-setting, meetings, and learning at the company.

“Today, we use Leapsome to give managers a timeline and a framework for running performance reviews that they can then personalize to each of their direct reports. It is also a great place for us to store all these conversations securely. We’re now able to quantify how many people across the business are having performance and development conversations every quarter.

We have seen some managers take the initiative to use the Goals and Meetings functionalities to help their teams stay on track. Most recently, we have seen a huge improvement in our remote onboarding experience through the Learning Path feature.”

Remote onboarding with Leapsome

The HR team at ComplyAdvantage understands that new employees can feel overwhelmed by the amount of information they must absorb when joining the company. That’s why they’ve created onboarding learning paths within Leapsome to set new employees up for success — no matter where they are — and introduce some of the complexities of their AML product.

ComplyAdvantage’s remote onboarding process, facilitated by Leapsome, includes:

  • Profile setup within the company’s HRIS tool;
  • Email signature creation;
  • Introduction to colleagues;
  • InfoSec videos — and more.

More time for your people

Holly shared that using the full range of Leapsome’s features has given ComplyAdvantage’s HR and People Ops professionals more time to have genuine conversations with their people.

“Leapsome makes our people management processes much smoother. It allows our people to put more energy into conversations, and the People team to focus on developing and fostering a high-performance culture.

Each company will have its own needs and requirements for a performance management platform. Leapsome has been able to meet all of ours and more. We are very happy with our choice.” 

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