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The best companies know that the secret to be consistently successful over the long-haul is to put people at the centre of everything they do. 

In order to become a people-centric organization, it is essential not just to understand employees but also to enable them to feel engaged at the workplace. 

Top employers like Google and Amazon agree that surveys are one of the most relevant, useful, and impactful ways to understand and engage employees.

But what questions are the must-haves in a survey? 

In this article, we discuss the major survey topics and the most important questions in each of the categories.

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To learn more about the benefits of employee engagement check out our blog post on measuring the ROI of employee engagement and access our free employee engagement ROI calculator.

Engaged employees care more, are more productive, and stay longer

We have all experienced the pleasure of working with an engaged coworker who takes initiative, enjoys the work, and gets involved with diverse activities at the workplace. 

On the other end of the spectrum, unfortunately, are the actively disengaged employees who bring the morale of the entire workplace down and make work difficult for everyone. 

Engaged employees are more than just happy or satisfied in their jobs; they genuinely feel that their contributions matter and feel like an important part of the organization. They have a sense of purpose and are often committed to the mission of the company. 

Knowing the immense potential and importance of having an engaged workforce, it is imperative to evaluate and understand the current levels of engagement. 

In order to do that, we must ask the right questions in our surveys. 

Best practice questions for surveys 

A survey is only as good as its questions. At Leapsome, we ensure that our surveys are backed by scientific research, driven by best practices, and verified by experts. We have followed an intentional, thoughtful process to create surveys that are clear, meaningful, and actionable for managers and companies.

We have created “question packs” for distinct categories. Each question pack addresses specific factors that drive engagement. Individual questions can be removed from question packs, or custom questions can be added.

Note: All questions are written in a way that a score on a scale of 1 to 10 can be assigned, where 10 is the most favourable outcome. Quantifying the responses, on top of the open-ended answers that provide additional context, will benefit in analyzing the data to spot trends.

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  • I would recommend {company} as a great place to work.
  • I see myself still working at {company} in 2 year’s time.


  • Most days, I feel a sense of accomplishment from what I do. 
  • I have the opportunity to do challenging things at work.

Autonomy & Enablement

  • I feel I am given enough freedom to decide how to do my work.
  • The information I need to do my job well is readily available. 
  • I have access to the equipment and tools I need to do my job well.

Work Environment

  • My workplace is free from distractions and I find it easy to focus on my work. 
  • I can easily find space for collaboration and conversations with others. 

Open Communication

  • At {company}., we value open and honest communication.
  • My manager cares about my opinion.
  • My co-workers are open to opinions different from their own.

Goal Alignment 

  • I know what is expected of me to be successful in my role.
  • I know how my work supports the goals of {company}.

Professional Growth

  • My job at {company} enables me to learn and develop new skills.
  • I believe there are good career opportunities for me at {company}.
  • My manager or mentor at {company} actively supports my development. 

Manager Support

  • My manager provides me with the support I need to complete my work.
  • My manager genuinely cares about my well-being.
  • My manager is a great role model for me and other employees.

Meaningful Work

  • The work I do is meaningful to me. 
  • My work gives me the opportunity to do what I do best every day. 
  • I make a difference in my team.

Organisational Fit

  • I can genuinely identify with the values of {company}.
  • {Company} cares about my well-being.


  • I feel I am part of a team.
  • I can count on my co-workers to help out when needed.
  • We hold ourselves and our co-workers accountable for great results.  

Recognition & Feedback

  • If I do good work, I know that it will be recognized. 
  • I get enough feedback on how well I’m doing my job.

Psychological safety

  • Members of my team are able to bring up problems and tough issues. 
  • My manager promotes an open and constructive way to deal with problems and tough issues. 
  • It is easy to ask other members of my team for help. 
  • No one on my team would deliberately act in a way that undermines my efforts. 
  • It is safe to take a risk on my team. 
  • Employees at {company} can voice their opinions without fear of retribution or rejection. 


  • I am fairly rewarded (e.g., pay, promotion, training) for my contributions to {company}.
  • The process for calculating salary in our organisation seems fair and unbiased. 
  • I can have well-informed and constructive conversations with my manager about salary.


  • The overall strategy set by the management is taking {company} into the right direction.
  • {Company} effectively communicates the goals and strategies set by the management.
  • I’m inspired by the purpose and mission of {company}. 


  • I find my workload manageable. 
  • I believe my workload is reasonable for my role. 
  • I am able to arrange time out from work when I need to.

Crisis Handling

  • I know how to keep safe and healthy during the current crisis.
  • The management at {company} has demonstrated that employee health and wellbeing are priorities during the current crisis.
  • My company is making sufficient adjustments to adapt to the current crisis.
  • My company is successfully supporting employees during the current crisis.
  • Despite the current crisis, I am optimistic about the future of {company}.
  • Despite the current crisis, I am optimistic about remaining employed by {company}.

Remote Work

  • I feel productive while working remotely.
  • Working remotely does not have a negative impact on team work.
  • I am able to maintain a good work-life balance while working remotely.
  • My manager is regularly checking in with me (work related and personally) while working remotely.
  • I have the right equipment (e.g. desk, internet access, quiet space) and tools to effectively work remotely.
  • What further support do you need while working remotely?
  • What are your suggestions for what {company} could do differently or improve right now?

Striving for diversity

  • {Company} does a good job at fostering a diverse and inclusive environment. 
  • {Company} strives to recruit from diverse sources. 
  • The management at {company} is visibly committed to diversity. 
  • What’s something that we can do to make this company a more diverse and inclusive place? 

Equal Opportunities

  • People from all backgrounds have equal opportunity to succeed at {company}. 
  • At {company} there is a belief that people can greatly improve their talents and abilities. 

Giving voice

  • People of all cultures and backgrounds are respected at {company}. 
  • {Company} makes sure that the opinions and input of individuals from different backgrounds are heard. 
  • Diverse perspectives are included in decision making.


  • My uniqueness is recognized and valued. 
  • I am an essential member of my work group. 
  • I feel like I belong at my company. 
  • I have colleagues and leaders with backgrounds similar to me. 
  • My workplace accommodates for my unique needs. 

📥 Download the survey questions template here.

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