10 best employee engagement tools for 2024

According to Gallup, in 2023, only 1 out of 5 employees reported being engaged at work; this means that in an office of 200 people, 160 are just “living for the weekend.” (1) When employees aren’t engaged in the workplace, achieving business success becomes difficult.

That makes choosing an employee engagement tool a high-stakes decision. Maybe you're already using a tool like CultureAmp, Peakon, or Lattice and are looking for an alternative or starting out on your search and want to find the best tool to suit your needs. Using the wrong tool results in low adoption rates, unnecessary expenses, and wasted time.

That’s why, in this article, we break down the key features to look for in an employee engagement solution; compare the ten best employee engagement solutions; and discuss the benefits of using the right employee engagement software for your business. (2)

‍1. Gallup, 2022

2. The information below is based on our research in February 2024, with all employee engagement software reviews from sites like G2 and Capterra.

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Customer rating

Pricing starts at US$8 per user per month. Free trial available.



Clear Review
ClearReview (Engagement)

Pricing varies based on users and plan. Minimum annual contract value US$3,345.18



Elevo (Engagement)

Elevo’s pricing isn’t readily available.



Glint (engagement)

Pricing isn’t readily available.



The Happiness Index
Happiness Index (Engagement)

Pricing isn’t readily available.



Workleap Officevibe
Officevibe (Engagement)

Paid plan from US$3.50-5 per user per month.



Qualtrics EmployeeXM
Qualtrics (Engagement)

Pricing isn’t readily available.



Surveysparrow (Engagement)

Pricing isn’t readily available.



Worktango (Engagement)

Pricing isn’t readily available.



Empuls (Engagement)

Pricing starts at US$2 per user per month.



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Key features to look for in employee engagement solutions

The best engagement tools for staff offer robust features like:

Engagement surveys

Perhaps the most fundamental employee engagement feature, used to gather employee feedback

Detailed analytics

Data is most useful when you can easily understand it at a glance and study it from different perspectives. That’s why your platform of choice should include multiple visual analytics tools, including filters, benchmarks, turnover prediction, and heat maps.

Actionable insights

Possibility to automate Action Plans, based on survey results, to increase the ROI of employee engagement

Customizable survey templates

People Ops/HR leaders and team managers can get easily started with best-practice material

Anonymous conversations

Gain honest insights from employees while reinforcing psychological safety

Continuous feedback

Give meaningful feedback and praise without awkwardness — great for boosting employee morale

Make work something your people actually enjoy

Build a healthy workplace culture and help your people feel heard and engaged with Leapsome.

1. Leapsome — best all-in-one employee engagement platform

Screenshot of an Engagement survey action plan in LEapsome

Leapsome is a holistic people enablement platform that bridges the gap between employee engagement, learning, goal setting, compensation, and performance management.

Combining all these features allows people ops leaders to create a continuous and sustainable cycle of employee development and company growth. Additionally, the tool’s modular design means it can grow with you as your business changes.

Notable features

Through its wide array of features, Leapsome works to increase employee engagement and give workers a sense of belonging and fulfillment, leading to better productivity and performance.

A screenshot of Leapsome’s engagement survey analytics overview

You can collect feedback and gauge your people’s motivations, frustrations, and engagement levels with an employee engagement questionnaire, and use Leapsome’s expert insights to create action plans that improve satisfaction and reduce turnover. 

Or if you’re wondering how to engage remote employees, Leapsome provides you with templates and actionable analytics to help get you started with an effective engagement strategy.

You can also enable continuous learning among employees and encourage them to pursue their professional goals. Set up a customized path inside Leapsome’s Learning module and create a superior learning experience. After all, employees who are given the opportunity to learn and grow are almost three times more likely to be engaged.‍ 

Use engagement surveys to gauge employee sentiment. You can drill down on trends and compare survey scores for specific groups across different survey rounds.

Finally, you can leverage Leapsome AI to improve your decision-making by summarizing feedback, enhancing performance reviews, and analyzing sentiments to reduce bias. It supports managers by turning feedback into polished insights and recommendations that enrich employee evaluations and help managers to develop clear next steps.

  • All-in-one approach
  • Available in 13 languages
  • Consistently growing and adding new features
  • Leapsome AI helps you turn feedback into action
  • Might need some initial training and support from the dedicated CSM
Trusted By:

"Leapsome is a great product at a good price point. The value goes way beyond the features and abilities it offers. You can have a real partnership with Leapsome.

They’ve been very responsive to us and listened to our requests — and not just throughout the sales cycle. Whenever we have problems, they respond in a very empathetic and solution-oriented way.”

Jessie Martin

Sr. Manager, TA Programs and People Experience
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2. Clear Review

This software strives to manage engagement, well-being, and performance in a single system, encouraging employees and managers to address issues during check-in conversations and 1:1s.

Notable features

  • Suggestion box feature
  • Custom employee surveys

Designed for mid-sized to large businesses, this tool helps facilitate internal communication and improve employee engagement using check-in and suggestion box features. Through customizable nudges and reminders, managers are consistently made aware of employee satisfaction and well-being levels.

  • Easy to give and request feedback
  • Focuses on encouraging 1:1s
  • Doesn't encompass all the features necessary for holistic people enablement

3. Elevo

A screenshot of the Elevo UI

Elevo is a French HR software that integrates employee engagement, development, and performance management. The software has a pleasing UI and strives to help companies adopt a more agile management style.

Notable features

  • Agile goal tracking
  • People analytics
  • 360° reviews
  • Training management
  • Development interviews
  • Manager surveys

Elevo helps engage employees by empowering managers to provide useful and actionable insights more frequently. 360° reviews help develop a culture of collaboration and dialogue, and manager surveys allow managers to receive feedback from peers, direct reports, and employees.

  • Regular updates to the keep tool bug-free and secure
  • Platform is multilingual but most content is in French

4. Glint

Image showing the product dashboard for Microsoft Viva Glint

Acquired by Microsoft and added to its Viva offering in 2022, Viva Glint is primarily a feedback collection tool. It allows managers and leaders to send out customizable surveys on topics like team effectiveness, culture, diversity and inclusion, and employee engagement.

Notable features

  • Pulse surveys
  • Goal and challenge creation
  • Manager learning library
  • Results can be visualized in real time with a dashboard and automated tools.
  • Easy-to-use UI
  • Available in multiple languages
  • In smaller teams it becomes increasingly difficult to keep surveys anonymous

5. The Happiness Index

The Happiness Index is an employee engagement and happiness management software that works with neuroscience-based pre-built surveys. What makes this tool stand out is its focused approach to helping managers listen to employee sentiment and emotions, as well as measuring engagement.

Notable features

  • Survey analytics
  • Heatmaps and sentiment analysis functions

The Happiness Index is primarily a feedback collection tool that helps managers drive action using the platform’s action-planning tools. Human resources professionals can use pre-built survey templates to easily get started with collecting employee feedback.

  • Benchmarking and feedback loop features
  • Doesn't offer as many features as other software

6. Workleap Officevibe

Workleap Officevibe is an employee experience platform that offers products such as Engagement, Recognition, and Alignment, adopting a young and aesthetically pleasing UI.

Notable features

  • Performance reviews
  • Pulse surveys
  • Anonymous feedback
  • 1:1 meetings
  • Good Vibes recognition tool
  • One of Workleap Officevibe’s most notable features is its fun interface.
  • Straightforward interface and easy to use
  • Lack of employee anonymity
  • Buggy UX
  • Generic questions

7. Qualtrics EmployeeXM

A screenshot of the Qualtrics UI

Qualtrics EmployeeXM is an employee engagement tool designed to help companies identify key drivers of employee productivity, engagement, and satisfaction. This solution helps provide managers with actionable insights from employee surveys and feedback using AI text analysis and predictive intelligence.

Notable features

  • 360 development
  • Benefits optimizer
  • People analytics software

Qualtrics’ solution offers various services to help managers increase team productivity and engagement. Its AI tools help spot themes and trends, find relationships between employee engagement outcomes, and spot problems early with automated alerts.

  • Consistently praised for their customer support
  • Steep learning curve
  • Relatively complicated UI
  • Not suitable for everyday users looking for a straightforward tool

8. SurveySparrow

Screenshot of the SurveySparrow UI

SurveySparrow is a customer, product, and employee experience platform that provides integrations and tools like NPS, chatbots, and enterprise survey software.

Notable features

  • Chat surveys
  • Offline surveys
  • 360 assessments
  • Offers integrations and automation
  • Survey templates
  • Might not be suitable for smaller organizations
  • Might not meet the requirements of organizations looking for an employee engagement and people enablement solution

9. WorkTango

Formerly known as Kazoo, WorkTango is an employee experience platform that combines surveys, employee feedback, goals and OKR management, and incentives to help organizations increase employee engagement and satisfaction.

Notable features

  • Peer recognition
  • Corporate discounts
  • Gamifying employee performance
  • One of WorkTango’s notable characteristics is a feature that helps incentivize employees and drive engagement by rewarding behaviors like completing workouts, volunteering activities, hosting cultural events, or being an onboarding buddy.
  • Nice morale booster due to gamified aspects
  • Helps create a culture of gratitude and recognition
  • Reportedly UX still has a long way to go
  • Experienced bugs, long loading times, and issues with point distribution and redemption

10. Empuls

Screenshot of the Xoxoday Empuls UI

Empuls is an employee engagement and motivation platform that focuses on corporate rewards and recognition. Users have access to different modules; the Remote and Hybrid Work module aims to provide a better experience for remote workers through engagement surveys and virtual celebrations.

Notable features

  • Employee engagement bot
  • Pulse surveys
  • Performance review and feedback surveys
  • Exclusive employee discounts and rewards for employee recognition
  • Social intranet to promote employee communication
  • Good performance, important milestones, and even personal occasions are rewarded with gamified points, which can be redeemed monthly.
  • Affordable solution and easy to use
  • Issues with the platform UI
  • Strong emphasis on employee reward program might make people lose focus and obsess over points and redeemable rewards

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