How Tado uses Leapsome to streamline HR processes

Tado° offers smart thermostats and apps that adjusts to the real-time behavior of residents in private homes and small businesses.
Munich, Germany
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  • Reviews
  • Instant Feedback & Praise
  • Meetings

“You get a superb overview and great range of settings without asking too much of the employees.”

Verena Hotter
Head of HRM

Which challenges did you want to solve by introducing Leapsome?

We launched a new performance management system throughout the company so that we could use the same procedures and neatly collect everything together in one place. Over two or three months we looked for a software solution to help us do this, and in the end Leapsome won the race. The platform had the best user-friendliness and, best of all, was the most adaptable to our processes. Beyond that, we also wanted to work with a German company.

What has your experience been with implementing Leapsome?

The launch of Leapsome went wonderfully, plus the Personio integration and Single Sign-On log-in worked seamlessly from the beginning. Everything was very self-explanatory, but we still got a lot of support from the Leapsome team. We didn’t roll out all the modules simultaneously, we just started with the performance review tool.  

What changes have you seen across the company?

Because of the launch of the new performance management system we redefined a lot of things, including how we wanted feedback to be given. Leapsome is the tool that made that possible. Since then we’ve launched our first annual talks over Leapsome, which has been an incredible relief for us as an HR department. We could keep track of who had already conducted their talks and who lies where within the process; and we didn’t have to scan anything anymore — an enormous administrative relief! Employees appreciate carrying out more feedback with the help of Leapsome as they now have a tool to hand and all the relevant information they need to address their development. Our managers equally have a tool at hand which they can work with and stick to — the process is defined and its status is readily available.

What do you like best about Leapsome?

I especially like the extent to which you can adapt the review processes, skill settings, and open questions. This was fantastic for our predefined process because we could customize everything exactly as we needed.

What would you say to those considering starting with Leapsome?

I’d definitely recommend Leapsome because it allows you to customize your feedback options very precisely. And you get a superb overview and great range of settings without asking too much of the employees or having to break in a completely new system.

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