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At Leapsome, we believe that real conversations — and not just numbers — can drive a deep understanding of how employees are feeling at your company. 

Employee engagement surveys are the best way for people ops/HR teams to get qualitative and quantitative feedback from employees and kickstart conversations that can give them insights into how to improve things at their companies. 

Besides using analytics and filters to understand quantitative data, exploring open text comments in surveys is a golden opportunity to have honest conversations with your people and uncover the story behind their comments. 

If you’re a Leapsome customer 🎉, you can already have anonymous talks with survey participants to spark a conversation and get more insights (and also access advanced sentiment analysis to understand all open comments). 

For example, imagine an employee leaves a comment such as, “I love my job, but there are some tasks where I am micromanaged”

In this case, the survey owner can kickstart an anonymous conversation to understand the comment and initiate a dialogue; however, up until now, only the survey owner could begin and follow up on these conversations.

Although immensely powerful, conversations could only be started by the survey owner and didn’t always include the right people in the conversation — like the survey respondent’s manager and other relevant stakeholders.

And that’s what we wanted to tackle in our latest feature update.

Including all the right people in the conversation

Survey owners can now include other relevant stakeholders in a conversation with the employee who left the comment. All they have to do is assign the comment to any person they wish to include (eg. 'Manager Mark' got added to the conversation by 'HR Holly').

These conversations can, then, be continued by the people added by the survey owner, adding flexibility to the process.

Survey owners and the individuals added to the conversation can also create private notes. These notes will only be visible to those with access to the conversation (except the employee who wrote the original survey comment).

Very importantly, the employee remains anonymous. But now they can see the names of the people they’re exchanging messages with, making the process more transparent for employees.

More people (such as 'Data Diana' in the below example) can be easily added to the conversation to best address the employees' comment.

Inviting all the right people to the conversation addresses two important issues:

  1. It ensures that employees’ concerns are heard by people who can take tangible steps to understand, address, and resolve them.
  2. It builds accountability for managers and other relevant stakeholders to address the issues raised by employees.

Understand concerns, build accountability, and drive change

Start meaningful conversations by following up with employees on their open survey comments and include all the right people in the conversation to understand employees’ concerns, build accountability, and drive change. 

— Interested in learning how to drive engagement and performance using Leapsome? Book a demo and speak with one of our experts. 

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