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The new & improved survey experience

Leapsome Team
The new & improved survey experience
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At Leapsome, we believe that people are at the core of every successful organization.

It’s essential to empower each employee and enable them to have a strong voice within the organization, so that they can safely share their honest feedback on things that matter to them.

With the right feedback, people teams and managers can continuously enhance the employee experience, building better places to work — and, ultimately, boosting the success of their business.

Engagement surveys are the most powerful tools organizations can have to get the right feedback from employees and put an action plan in place to drive improvement. 

That’s why we’ve worked hard on further improving the tools provided within the Leapsome platform for running engagement surveys and creating a delightful experience for survey participants.

In this article, we’ll cover important updates to the surveys module rolled out in the past few months:

  • Enhanced survey experience for employees 
  • Expanded best-practice questions library
  • Actionable surveys with post-survey action plans
  • Enhanced segmentation with inclusion/exclusion rules for participation
  • Survey preview functionality 

Besides the above, we’re working on further improvements and will launch them in the coming months (hint: turnover prediction and rotation improvements). 

Let’s explore the details of each of the improvements.

Enhanced survey experience for employees 

We’ve completely redesigned the look and feel of how employee engagement surveys are conducted within the Leapsome platform. They’re now even more flexible, easier to use, quicker to navigate, and more fun and beautiful to interact with (and yes, there is confetti to celebrate!).

Flexible question types 

Tailor each survey to your needs with additional employee engagement survey question types — such as scales, multiple choice, or open comments. You can also make any question mandatory, for an even more flexible survey design.

Easy Navigation

Save time and effort with enhanced navigation through keyboard shortcuts, especially beneficial for longer surveys. 


With drafted survey responses saved automatically, employees have the freedom and flexibility to start responding to a survey and easily returning to the point where they left off.

Expanded best-practice questions library

Asking the right questions is the foundation for meaningful insights. That’s why Leapsome’s in-house organizational psychologists regularly update and add new questionnaires to our built-in library, always in line with the latest research and organizational best practices

We’ve expanded the library further with two new best-practice questionnaires on the topics of new employee onboarding and offboarding for employees leaving the business.

Actionable surveys with post-survey action plans

With Leapsome’s employee engagement survey module, you could already use enhanced filtering and segmentation capabilities, make sense of qualitative comments and view sentiment analysis, access benchmarks comparing your response data to similar companies, start anonymous conversations with survey respondents, and do much more.

But a challenge remained: What to do with survey responses? And how to hold ourselves and our teams accountable for driving real change in our organizations based on employee feedback?

The solution: Post-survey action plans

With the new post-survey action plans feature, you’ll receive the most impactful recommendations on the next steps to take based on your specific survey results — on top of all the analysis tools that were already available.

Example of a post survey action plans

Powerful segmentation with inclusion/exclusion rules for survey participation

To gain the most meaningful insights from survey results, the right questionnaire must reach the right people at the right time. 

With our enhanced segmentation options, you can do just that! Easily add inclusion or exclusion rules (based on teams, locations, or specific employees) to adjust the list of survey participants.

Next up 

We’re excited to have received exceptional feedback from our customers on the new feature launches — thanks for sharing your stories! And we’re even more thrilled to be launching more exciting features in the coming weeks (hint: we’re working on features for turnover prediction, an extension of our anonymous conversations feature, and much more). Stay tuned.

— Interested in learning how you can use Leapsome’s surveys to measure and improve employee engagement in your company? Book a demo and speak with one of our experts.

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Leapsome Team

Written by the team at Leapsome — the all-in-one people enablement platform for driving employee engagement, performance, and learning.
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