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Employee engagement surveys empower company leaders and team managers to understand their people by collecting meaningful feedback. 

And you already know that — but the real challenge remains: What exactly to do with survey responses? 

What tangible steps should you take to positively impact your employees’ lives? 

And how can we hold ourselves and our teams accountable to drive real change in our organizations based on employee feedback? 

In other words: What should you do next if your engagement survey results look like this? 👇

Introducing Leapsome’s all-new ‘Post-Survey Action Plans’ feature 

With Leapsome’s employee engagement survey module you can already dig deep into the data created from survey responses and decipher what’s most important. With our built-in functionalities, you can:

And now, with the new ‘Post-Survey Action Plans’ feature, on top of all the available tools for analysis, you’ll also receive the most impactful recommendations on the next steps to undertake based on your specific survey results. 

Based on your (1) question scores (like 6.33 for the question, “my manager cares about my opinions” in the image above) and (2) impact driver scores (read our article on impact drivers to learn more), our algorithm recommends areas for improvement with the highest impact.

This is what our recommendations for post-survey action plans, ordered according to importance (i.e. top recommendation above all others), would look like for this sample survey: 👇

The categories (such as autonomy & enablement) and recommendations (such as give employees the opportunity to structure their work day) were developed by our in-house organizational psychologists and consider insights from best-in-class organizations. Our algorithm gets stronger by continuously evaluating actions that have the most impact and keeps on improving the future recommendations that you receive. 

Create an action plan — with deadlines and ownership — for real impact

Now is the time to take tangible steps to impact the lives of your employees.

After receiving the recommendations, you can choose which one to tackle first based on your overall strategy and goals. 

For example, you may decide that even though the top recommendation is to ‘give employees the opportunity to structure their work day’, the recommendation ‘set up transparent goals and introduce frequent 1:1s’ makes the most sense for you given the specific strategy, goals, and resources of your organization. 

As you’ve now decided on the next action plan, you can assign (1) a deadline, (2) an owner, (3) visibility, (4) category, and (5) type. 

And of course, you can modify and edit the recommendation to further tailor the process to your specific needs.  The collaborative aspect of planning the next actions (i.e. the ability to update progress, give feedback etc.) enables you to build accountability and transparency throughout the duration of the action plan. It also gives you the opportunity to test the impact of your actions plans by measuring the change of scores in key questions in the upcoming survey. 

In conclusion, the post-survey action plans enable you to put all your analysis into real, tangible actions to support you in building even better workplaces. 🚀

— Interested in learning more about post-survey action plans or how you can use Leapsome’s surveys to measure and improve employee engagement in your company? Book a demo and speak with one of our experts.

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