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You’ve just conducted an employee engagement survey – congratulations! – and the results are in. You’ve received positive submissions generally, but there are also a few survey answers from employees who, while happy in some areas, have constructive feedback in others. And in some cases, it sounds like participants are only scratching the surface of their opinions. 

In a face-to-face situation, you’d naturally ask that employee to tell you more. Could they describe a time when that issue really stood out? Do they feel their experience is specific to their manager or team, or does it reflect a wider organisational issue? As when managing eNPS, the most effective surveys delve deeper into the employee experience. The more insights you can get, the better. 

However, due to the anonymity of the survey participants, this doesn’t seem like an option. How can you have a conversation with an employee if you don’t know who you’re talking to? 

This is where our Anonymous Survey Conversations feature comes in. The latest addition to our Survey module allows you – the survey ‘owner’ – to spark a conversation with respondents (the ‘authors’) without compromising their anonymity in any way. 

How does it work? Well, if you see a survey comment that you’d like to engage with, you can respond as the survey owner. The author of the original comment will receive a notification that a dialogue has been initiated, encouraging them to add to their original comment. Of course, you’ll be notified in turn whenever your comments are answered. Throughout this process, the author remains completely anonymous. 

Why is this such a game-changer for surveys? 

Honesty lies at the core of any good survey, and so it’s essential that employees are not only given anonymity, but actively reassured and reminded of that anonymity. If it weren’t for this psychological safety, you might never gain access to the insights you most need from your employees. 

Our new feature allows you to go even further with your survey answers, while preserving that same level of anonymity – and that’s truly a cause for celebration. Your employees’ privacy is respected while you stay informed. Plus, you don’t even need to adjust any settings in order to activate this capability, so it’s ready to go right away. 

Wish you’d been able to use this exciting feature earlier? Don’t worry – you can actually implement Anonymous Survey Conversations retroactively, meaning that all your past surveys are now potential starting points for illuminating conversations with your employees. 

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