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We know that a healthy feedback culture is one that actively celebrates its employees’ strengths and achievements. Encouraging praise between one another creates an environment where people trust that their work will be recognised, as well as fostering better work relationships. 

And while constructive feedback is useful to get someone back on track, there are also unique and considerable benefits to practising gratitude on a deeper level – rather than just saying the occasional ‘thanks.’

With Leapsome’s new Praise Wall, it’s never been easier to give recognition and collectively celebrate the wins of teams and employees. Simply find a communal area in your offices such as a lobby, café or hangout space where you can beam the Praise Wall to a dedicated screen. Once set up, it serves as a reminder of each other’s great work, as well as a prompt to give each other more public praise.

The Praise Wall makes it easy to remind employees of great work

In the past, it may have been surprisingly difficult to give praise in a public setting. Especially for people working in larger or more traditional organisations, positive feedback can feel like unfamiliar territory. Some managers and executives worry that if they praise their employees, they risk inviting complacency. However, a McKinsey study from 2009 showed that praise and recognition has a larger motivational effect on employees than financial bonuses – or any other perk.

And indeed, if 79% of US workers leaving a company cite under-appreciation as their main reason for quitting, it appears that businesses have been too quick to overlook praise. At best, many companies see positive feedback as a nice-to-have; at worst, it’s regarded as ‘fluffy’ or gratuitous. Clearly, there is work to be done here. 

Productivity, retention, motivation – if praise leads to all of these vital benefits, it’s worth keeping it in plain sight. The Praise Wall gives a fair overview of people’s achievements by rotating the last 20 pieces of positive feedback given within your company. You can even give your Praise Wall a more branded touch by customising your praise badges to emphasise company-specific values. (And maybe this is the perfect opportunity to assess and redefine your company values – we just did!)  

It’s easy for your company’s admin to activate the praise wall within their Leapsome account. Simply generate your unique Praise Wall URL from within the admin settings, and then enter it into your browser, where it can then be beamed up to your designated Praise Wall screen. 

The Praise Wall shows three pieces of praise at any given time, so each person gets the spotlight they deserve. There’s no need to worry about one person getting all the attention, though – new praise is displayed every 20 seconds, along with any likes and up to two comments made by others within the platform (so you can really boost your teams’ camaraderie).

Note that to keep moving things forward, new praise skips to the front of the praise queue. Once the Praise Wall has run out of new praise announcements, it will return to rotating the 20 most recent pieces of praise.

What better way to reinforce your positive feedback culture! 

Interested in exploring how else Leapsome’s platform can help instil a culture of feedback in your company? The Praise Wall is just one of many features we offer in our platform for Performance Management & Employee Engagement. Book a demo today to learn more.  

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