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Providing new employees with an excellent onboarding experience is critical for bringing new hires up to speed, attuning them to the company culture, and ultimately for ensuring that they enjoy coming to work in their new company; not just in their first few weeks, but for the longer term. Reports have shown that new employees who go through a structured onboarding program are 58% more likely to stay with the company for over three years. 

Seeking feedback from new hires and learning from their experiences as they complete the onboarding process is a foolproof way to fine-tune and improve the process so that there is an extra bit of magic for subsequent new hires.

At the opposite end of the employee lifecycle when employees are leaving the company, it’s equally as important to ensure that as a company, you conduct a thorough debrief with the departing employee in the form of an exit interview.

With Leapsome’s Employee Surveys, it is now possible to automatically send out onboarding and exit surveys to new hires and departing employees.

The surveys are dynamically triggered based on the hire date or the exit date of the employee - once you’ve set it up, the platform will take care of the rest and send it out at the right time. If you are using one of our HRIS integrations with Personio, BambooHR, or Hibob, these dates are synchronised to Leapsome.

As with all surveys within Leapsome, the survey can be sent to all employees or targeted to specific teams, meaning that you can even make the survey questions specific to the employee’s department.

These key moments in the journey of an employee provide great learning opportunities for the company. Running these surveys at these points creates a tight feedback loop and can generate insights that can then be fed back to the key stakeholders in the company; leadership, the HR team, department heads and the employee’s direct manager.

If you’re already a Leapsome customer, you will find the Onboarding and Exit automations within the “Timing” section of the settings when creating a new survey.

If you’re not yet a Leapsome customer and would like to learn more about the employee surveys, you can request a demo and get access to a free 14-day trial.

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