Integrate ADP and Leapsome to automatically sync your ADP userbase with Leapsome.

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Connect with ADP to automatically sync user data

Create a new Leapsome user account for every new employee that you onboard in ADP.

Easy setup

Integrate ADP with Leapsome in just a few clicks.

Quick rollout

Import all user data for a quick rollout.

Automated updates

Update all user data based on changes in ADP.

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Already a Leapsome customer? Learn how to setup the ADP integration

Rollout in just a few clicks

Easily import your employees from ADP to create Leapsome user accounts for all your people. As Leapsome syncs professional data like job title, department, and manager, their accounts will be ready to go from day one.

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Automated updates

There’s no need to manually assign teams or managers: Use the data from ADP to create teams in Leapsome and transfer reporting lines between managers and direct reports. Any changes you make within ADP will automatically appear in Leapsome — including new employees.

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About ADP

ADP Workforce Now® is an all-in-one platform for payroll and HR software, providing expert support and analytics for data-driven insights.

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