Generali Switzerland

How Generali Switzerland is reinventing its “performance dialogue” and scaling OKR processes with Leapsome

Generali Switzerland is part of Generali Group, one of the largest global insurance and asset management providers, represented in over 50 countries
Adliswil & Nyon, Switzerland (HQ)
Company Size:
1,300 employees and 430 collaborators
Features Used:
  • Performance Reviews
  • Feedback
  • Goals & OKRs

“We wanted to reinvent the performance dialogue and work with a system supporting continuous improvements.

All other tools we looked at lacked the holistic focus on other essential areas of people enablement. We needed something more complete”

Marie-Claire Haag-Fundinger
Organizational Change Expert at Generali Switzerland

Generali Switzerland is part of Generali Group, one of the largest and fastest-growing global insurance and asset management groups, represented in over 50 countries. Generali operates in Switzerland since 1987, with head offices in Adliswil and Nyon. Counting around 1,300 employees, 430 collaborators, and almost 1 million customers, the Generali Group’s Swiss branch aims to become one of the leading retail insurers.

The Challenge

As part of the company’s Avanti 2027 strategy, Generali aims to be a lifetime partner to customers. To fortify the business’s position as one of the market leaders and put customers front and center, Generali Switzerland is transforming its operating model and modernizing IT systems and operations — including core HR processes. Consequently, the organization faced the challenge of scaling and updating its people enablement practices.

According to Organizational Change Expert Marie-Claire Haag-Fundinger, the company wanted to reinvent its performance review processes (which Generali calls “performance dialogue”). Their goal was to make performance reviews as agile and flexible as the organization’s work habits and culture, while facilitating the exchange of peer feedback. Before Generali became a Leapsome customer, the company’s annual assessments and mid-year reviews required managers and reports to fill out templates, which was a complex, unintuitive, and time-consuming process.

In addition to creating a simplified and more modern review cycle, the organization wanted to implement a unified goal-setting framework to align teams and make company goals part of everyday conversation.

“Before working with Leapsome, we ran an OKR pilot and tested the method in about 40 teams, recording everything in Excel. As we decided to scale OKRs for the whole organization, our teams’ experiences in this pilot program showed that Excel is not the right tool for us.

We were also looking for a tool that would allow us to display OKRs next to other key goals — like individual development goals.”

While the pilot participants appreciated the Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) methodology, it was clear that switching from Excel to a holistic people enablement software with advanced OKR features was crucial to rolling out this framework to the entire company.

The Solution

Marie-Claire and her team researched various platforms to find a flexible tool with holistic features that would help streamline and simplify their goals and review process

Generali required a convenient and comprehensive service that integrates review-based individual development goals with company-wide OKRs. Leapsome quickly established itself as the best choice.

“We chose Leapsome because we were looking for a more comprehensive system — not just an OKR tool. We wanted to reinvent the performance dialogue and work with a system supporting continuous improvements. 

All other tools we looked at lacked the holistic focus on other essential areas of people enablement. We needed something more complete.”

As an all-in-one solution for performance management, goals, and more, Leapsome convinced the team at Generali Switzerland with its flexibility and accessibility.

The Result

With the help of Leapsome’s dedicated support, Marie-Claire and her colleagues introduced the platform’s Goals & OKR module to the entire organization at the start of 2022. Generali successfully established both individual development targets and quarterly team objectives.

To further accelerate adoption of the new processes across the company, Generali Switzerland took a novel approach and designated “OKR masters and champions” as methodology and software experts responsible for onboarding new joiners.

Generali also launched its first fully customized mid-year review cycle; employees appreciate how versatile the new process is, and Marie-Clarie shared how Leapsome saves them time and effort:

“Our first mid-year review cycle proved to be very flexible: We were able to get reports and update our executive board anytime — with just a click! 

Gathering data to answer questions for managers and employees was effortless.
It was a great experience.”

What’s next for Generali Switzerland‘s use of Leapsome?

With the success of its mid-year review cycle, Generali Switzerland plans to integrate peer feedback into the existing structure of manager feedback and self-assessments for its upcoming end-of-year review. 

A fan of Leapsome’s customer support, Marie-Claire feels confident that Generali has the expert backing to get the most out of the platform:

“I always get immediate assistance if I have any questions or problems! Whether I write in the evening or morning, I receive a response within a few hours. 

I genuinely feel that Leapsome is taking care of its customers. The team is by your side from the moment you sign up, through the design process and every cycle.

As Generali’s employees appreciate using Leapsome’s platform, the insurance provider’s people team remains dedicated to optimizing its review and goals cycle with the help of employee feedback and insights from Leapsome’s Customer Success department.

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