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Introducing the new Leapsome Slack app

Leapsome Team
Introducing the new Leapsome Slack app
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With over 750,000 organizations using Slack across the world, the communication platform has become a staple in our work lives.

Aside from allowing us to communicate more efficiently with our colleagues via chat, the platform has many helpful integrations that allow us to complete common tasks directly within Slack. For example, you can start a new Zoom meeting, open a new Github issue, or add a Trello card to a board, all without leaving Slack.

And now, with Leapsome’s new Slack App, you can (1) use shortcuts to carry out the actions that you would most frequently need to do within the Leapsome platform as well as (2) receive important notifications and alerts from Leapsome, all without leaving Slack.

How the Leapsome Slack App helps your organization

  • Build a culture of appreciation by celebrating successes at work
  • Create a strong feedback culture and help your colleagues grow and learn
  • Develop a growth mindset and seek personal feedback for self-development
  • Ensure that 1-on-1 and team meetings are conducted effectively
  • Stay on top of important people management and HR processes
  • Always know where you stand on current goal progress

What you can do with the Leapsome Slack App

1. Use shortcuts to complete actions

With the new Slack app, Leapsome users are able to use shortcuts to

  • Praise a colleague
  • Request feedback from a colleague
  • Send feedback to a colleague
  • Add agenda items to your 1:1 and team meetings from Slack

There are three ways to access these shortcuts.

1. Typing /Leapsome into the compose field and hitting “Enter” in any channel will bring up the actions list

Type /leapsome into the compose field and hit enter

2. You can click the Shortcuts button (it looks like a lightning bolt)  in the toolbar below the compose field and then scroll to see the list of available Actions.

Click on the "shortcuts" button to access the shortcuts list
Scroll down the list or search for Leapsome to access the shortcuts

3. Lastly, you can click the More Actions button (three vertically aligned dots) on any message. From the menu that is presented, click on “More message shortcuts…” button and then either scroll down or search for Leapsome to find the available shortcut.

Click the more actions button from the menu that appears when you hover on a message
Search for Leapsome or scroll through the list to find the available shortcut

Let’s explore each of these shortcut actions in more detail.

Praise a teammate

Recognising your colleagues and giving credit where credit is due is a great way to build team cohesion. Anyone can easily praise a colleague with the Leapsome Slack app. If your Leapsome account is set so that all praise is public, the Leapsome app will then post this praise into the public channel for everyone else to see and celebrate.

A staggering 79% of US employees leave their jobs due to feeling under-appreciated at work. No one deserves to feel like that, especially at a place where we spend a significant proportion of our life.

Hint: To learn more on how to make praise a part of your everyday work, check out our guide for managers on how to celebrate success at work.

Request feedback from a colleague

Receiving high-quality feedback is one of the few ways that we grow, learn and improve. Use this shortcut to request feedback from a colleague (or colleagues if soliciting the feedback from more than one person). 

Hint: Wondering how to build a culture of feedback at your company? Access our step-by-step guide

Send feedback to a colleague

Given the impact that receiving high-quality feedback can have on us all, giving high-quality is a gift. Share your feedback directly with a colleague using this shortcut

Hint: Need help formulating your feedback? Use our easy-to-follow guide to giving constructive feedback.

Add talking points to a meeting

1-on-1 meetings are such a high-leverage activity for ensuring alignment between colleagues. And of course, team check-ins are also crucial for keeping the ship on course. Use this shortcut to swiftly add talking points to the agenda of an upcoming meeting.

Hint: If you’re looking for a way to conduct highly effective meetings, access our step-by-step guides.

2. Receive important notifications & alerts

In addition to the above, the Leapsome Slack app delivers handy, well-timed notifications to help you stay on top of important things throughout your workweek.

Meeting notifications & agenda items

Ahead of an upcoming meeting, the Leapsome Slack app will send you a personal notification with a reminder to check the agenda for the meeting. If there are already agenda items saved for the meeting within Leapsome, the notification will include these so that you can skim the agenda right there and then.

Alerts if you are added to a “cycle”

If you are added to a cycle for performance review or for an engagement survey, the Leapsome Slack App will send you a notification to alert you that you have been included.

Reminders to complete open tasks

If you are included in a cycle for an engagement survey or performance review and have not yet completed the task, you will be sent a helpful reminder by the Leapsome Slack app that your input is required.

Updates on your goals

You will also receive progress updates on the goals that you are assigned to in Leapsome. Helpfully, you will see an overview of the goals that have been updated as well as an overview of those that have not been updated in a while, serving as a prompt to update the progress of these goals.

As Peter Drucker said, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”. Regularly surfacing the progress of your goals within Slack will help keep you focused on your priorities.

Get started with the Leapsome Slack App

If you’re already a Leapsome customer and would like to activate the new Leapsome Slack app for your company’s workspace, you can access the Leapsome app in the Slack App Directory.

If you’re not yet a Leapsome customer and would like to learn more about the Leapsome platform and how it can help your organization build a continuous cycle of performance management and personalized learning that drives employee engagement and the success of your business, request a demo to speak to a product specialist.

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Leapsome Team

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Bauen Sie mit Leapsome ein leistungsstarkes und widerstandsfähiges Unternehmen auf
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