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The People Over Perks podcast is live — listen & subscribe!

Leapsome Team
The People Over Perks podcast is live — listen & subscribe!
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The People Over Perks family is growing! The great engagement we’ve had with the POPs newsletter and Slack community from the very start inspired us to find even more ways to help HR & People Ops professionals stay current with industry news and best practices. Our goal is to help you develop high-performing teams and a humane, diverse company culture. And now, the People Over Perks podcast by Leapsome will support this mission — and there’s more, keep reading! 🎙️

In each episode, we’ll have a conversation with an HR & People Ops leader. Our guests talk about their careers and roles, give professional advice, and share behind-the-scenes details on how things get done in their companies.

Our first two episodes are out, and you can now get in on these insightful talks: We’ve chatted with Krystall Fierens Lee (Chief People Experience Officer at Proxyclick) and Till Neatby (Co-Founder and Head of Culture at Marley Spoon). Members of the POPs Slack community have already watched these episodes, so join them if you’d like to be the first to watch the next ones. We have an exciting list of interviews lined up. 🚀

The cherry on top: Besides early access to all new episodes, community members will join exclusive AMA sessions (“Ask Me Anything”) with each of our guests. If you sign up now (it’s free), you’ll be able to send your questions to Krystall, Till, and the many other leaders we’re speaking with.

How you access the People Over Perks podcast is your choice. You can listen to it on all major podcast platforms or watch the interview videos on Leapsome’s YouTube channel. Check out the links below and subscribe to be notified as soon as each episode is available to the public — well, remember that our community members will get them first, but you can too.

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In the first episode of the People Over Perks podcast, we sit down with Till Neatby, the Co-Founder and Head of Culture at Marley Spoon. Till shares why the Head of Culture role was created, the big levers that have helped them scale their culture as they’ve grown to over 1,500 people, how they run employee engagement surveys, and a whole lot more.

In this episode, we have a conversation with Krystall Fierens-Lee, Chief People Experience Officer at Proxyclick. We cover many topics, including how Krystall is creating a consistent employee experience across Proxyclick’s global offices, how she would advise someone looking for their first role as a Head of People, and the differences between working in HR in a corporate environment compared to startups and scaleups.

— Who would you like to see on our show? Let us know via LinkedIn or Twitter.

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Leapsome Team

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Bauen Sie mit Leapsome ein leistungsstarkes und widerstandsfähiges Unternehmen auf
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