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Introducing compensation benchmarks powered by Mercer

Introducing compensation benchmarks powered by Mercer
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In a rapidly evolving business environment, ensuring competitive, equitable, and fair compensation has never been more important. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new partnership with Mercer, the leading provider in compensation benchmarking, Mercer data provides you with the information you need to evaluate your employee benefits packages to ensure your salaries are fair, reflect market trends, and remain competitive. 

This collaboration supercharges the compensation framework within the Leapsome platform, offering our users an edge when it comes to making informed and strategic pay decisions.

“In the current environment, attracting and retaining talent is more vital than ever, and compensation benchmarking forms a crucial part of companies’ overall people strategy. We see a fantastic opportunity to support Leapsome in their objective to drive employee development, productivity, and engagement by making aspects of our leading compensation data available directly within Leapsome’s immersive digital platform.”

— Michael Nash
Commercial Leader, Channel Partnerships (Europe)

Elevating your compensation strategy

Mercer’s compensation data is now seamlessly integrated into Leapsome’s platform, creating a powerhouse for precise benchmarking. All HR job function benchmarks are free for all admins in Leapsome, while access to all data is available to customers of the compensation module as an add-on. These are regularly updated to ensure the data is current and relevant.

Our alliance with Mercer isn’t just about numbers; it’s about value, fairness, and strategic growth. With Leapsome and Mercer, companies can:

  • Refine strategy Our refined Compensation module, coupled with Mercer’s benchmarking, provides a richer context for strategic pay decisions and financial planning, propelling business growth.

  • Attract & retain top talent — Detailed benchmarking data helps companies offer competitive compensation packages that support recruiting and retention efforts while protecting their bottom line.

  • Streamline processes Our integrated approach simplifies historically complex compensation processes, increasing efficiency and accuracy for HR teams, as well as allowing them to proactively adjust compensation based on evolving market conditions and dynamics.

  • Drive equity & fairness In accordance with pay equity and transparency laws, our detailed benchmarks support companies in making equitable pay decisions, reinforcing our commitment to fostering diversity, inclusion, and equality in workplaces.
  • Foster a positive company culture — Continuous salary benchmarking not only contributes significantly to employee engagement and satisfaction; it also helps establish a culture of transparency, fairness, and trust.

Pushing boundaries in people enablement

At Leapsome, our mission is to build high-performing, resilient organizations. We believe in empowering businesses with tools that drive employee development, engagement, and productivity. Our collaboration with Mercer is yet another step on this journey, ensuring that compensation is not just an HR task but a strategic tool for success. 

Structured compensation is something we live and breathe here at Leapsome, where fairness and consistency are important to us. We have a structured career path and leveling framework with fixed compensation packages per level. Team members in the same role and on the same level all have the same compensation package.

This is because salary negotiations, especially at the higher levels, often disadvantage underrepresented groups. Having structured leveling and a well-defined salary structure in place allows us to prevent any systemic differences, e.g. based on gender or ethnicity, which is a fundamental basis for ensuring diversity, inclusion, equality, and equity.

We have committed to paying salaries at the 75% percentile of median in the market, and this has been working well to help us attract and onboard candidates that align with our equitable philosophy — with our offer acceptance rate currently standing at 94%. Additionally, only 0,03% of our voluntary leavers mention compensation as a reason why they left.

Claire Rosenthal
Claire Rosenthal

Head of People and Culture at Leapsome

Leapsome users can now access HR benchmarks for free to better understand the power of data and the ways this can transform your organization. The Leapsome platform is designed to serve forward-thinking businesses like yours. Dive deeper into the features, or if you want to see how Leapsome can revolutionize your people processes, let’s chat.

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Leapsome’s compensation framework, powered by Mercer data, supports you in creating a fair, equitable, and strategic compensation structure at your organization.

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