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Leapsome launches Leapsome Academy: A new era for manager development

Leapsome Team
Leapsome launches Leapsome Academy: A new era for manager development
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At Leapsome, we are committed to supporting teams to enhance employee performance and drive manager effectiveness. That’s why we are excited to announce the launch of Leapsome Academy, a significant expansion to our suite of solutions, which can be accessed for free.

In the current economic landscape, managers face the challenge of adhering to tighter budgets and focusing on profitability — all while striving to engage and motivate their increasingly overstretched teams in the wake of significant layoffs in 2023 and 2024.

Recent Gartner research has shown that managers are under immense pressure to drive productivity. A difficult task when they are still learning to manage effectively through the new dynamic of hybrid and distributed teams, and also have to enable work flexibility and ensure employee well-being to promote retention. 

The demands are intense, with manager workloads almost doubling since pre-pandemic times. And while the need for effective leadership is climbing, confidence in managers’ abilities to meet future challenges is waning. The resulting gap underscores a critical need for enhanced managerial development, which has been pinned as the number one priority for HR leaders in 2024. 

The question is: How to find time in manager’s schedules for training and development when the manager's job is no longer manageable? Leapsome has the answer.

Introducing Leapsome Academy, efficient manager training for time-strapped teams

Leapsome Academy was created as a response to the call for manager training programs that are bite-sized and affordable. Traditional training does not meet the demands of today's managerial roles, assuming managers can take hours or even days out of their weeks to focus on development. Our platform focuses not just on building out skills in bite-sized sessions but also on building strong management habits, which, according to Gartner, can improve job manageability by up to 71%.

A screenshot of the Leapsome Academy course overview.

What Leapsome Academy offers

Leapsome Academy is a free, comprehensive learning hub designed to equip managers with the essential tools to transforming managerial effectiveness by:

1. Cultivating manager resilience

Through Leapsome Academy, managers can access courses that focus specifically on building resilient management habits. This initiative is crucial as strong leadership habits have been shown to enhance job manageability and reduce burnout significantly.

A screenshot showing how easy it is to enroll in one of the Leapsome Academy courses.

2. Driving managerial excellence

The platform democratizes access to essential leadership skills. We believe that high-quality leadership training should be accessible to everyone, regardless of budget constraints, fostering a culture of excellence across all levels of an organization.

A screenshot showing a video segment from one of the Leapsome Academy courses.

3. Scaling essential skills efficiently

Our courses are designed to fit into the busy schedules of modern managers. With bite-sized, on-demand content, managers can learn and apply new skills in real time, ensuring immediate applicability and minimal disruption to daily workflows.

A screenshot showing a reading segment from one of the Leapsome Academy courses.

The courses offered span everything from setting up and running productive meetings, setting and tracking team goals, and onboarding new managers. Every module in our curriculum addresses the core aspects of management in 2024.

Keen to explore Leapsome Academy further?

Leapsome Academy is available now! All you need to do is sign up for Leapsome and start your journey. 

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Explore Leapsome Academy today 

Leapsome Academy is more than just a set of courses; it’s a commitment to the future of effective management. By focusing on habit formation and practical skills, we are setting a new standard for what it means to lead in the modern workplace.

All Leapsome users, whether paid or free customers have access to Leapsome Academy for free. To explore Leapsome Academy, simply sign up or log in to your Leapsome account. Navigate to the “Academy” section in the Learning module or sidebar and start your journey toward managerial excellence today.

Leapsome is committed to continual innovation and growth. Stay tuned for more courses and features to empower managers and teams to reach their highest potential.

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