How structured feedback helped Truffls improve their Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

Truffls is a mobile recruiting platform for young professionals. Through intuitive handling, the app provides job seekers with suitable offers from over 120,000 current job advertisements and enables companies to find and recruit the best candidates with minimal effort.
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“At Truffls we are in a scale-up phase but we did not have a process in place for systematic feedback and development for employees.

I knew I needed a platform in place as soon as possible so I implemented and rolled out Leapsome within my first two months at the company. We now have a powerful tool that helps our employees get the feedback they need to help them reach their full potential.

It has been extremely well-received by all employees and I can now demonstrably measure the increase in employee engagement as a result of our improved processes through monthly pulse surveys.”

Jeron Bitto
Head of People & Organisation

The Truffls mobile app serves as a valuable platform for young professionals seeking their next career opportunity. Offering over 120,000 open positions and counting, the company is playing an important role in helping its users develop professionally. With a growing user base and strong product-market fit, the Truffls employee base is also growing as the company begins to go through a scale-up phase towards crossing the 50 employee threshold. To help navigate this, Truffls brought in Jeron Bitto as Head of People & Organization.

The Challenge

Jeron was acutely aware of the importance of having processes in place for structured feedback. Truffls’ employees were already voicing their needs for additional support in their professional development, and the management team knew they needed to act on this for the company to reach its potential –  and with a growing team and no set processes in place, it couldn’t wait. Jeron saw the need to implement scalable people management processes to support the organization’s growth.

“At Truffls, it’s important to us that we create a great employee experience. We want to ensure our employees feel heard and know that we, as their employer, are listening to and responding to their needs. I was hearing from both employees and our managers that the overall topic of development needed to be addressed. It’s important to everyone and we want our employees to develop their full potential.”

Within the first month of starting at the company, Jeron began looking for the right software to help solve the challenges Truffls was facing. Based on his experiences of rolling out new organization-wide processes and tools at previous companies, he was concerned about the speed at which he might be able to select a suitable platform, let alone implement it across the organization and begin seeing benefits.

The Solution

Through Jeron’s network of other HR professionals, he discovered Leapsome and was reassured about the power of the platform. Within just two months of starting in his role, Jeron had selected and rolled out Leapsome as the platform to use at Truffls for their Performance Management & Employee Engagement system.

Getting Leapsome set up was a straightforward process for Jeron. Truffls uses Personio as their primary HR Information System, making it quick and easy to import the relevant employee data into Leapsome via the native integration. Jeron then began setting up the platform to fit with Truffl’s internal processes. Both Jeron and his manager were surprised to find out how fast the platform could be implemented.

“The implementation was extremely fast. I was particularly pleased that I was able to configure the tool myself and that everything was intuitive and comprehensible - the UX is excellent and I love the customization possibilities. Since launching Leapsome at Truffls, the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive! All employees were very pleased and the tools have been well received.”

Jeron and the team at Truffls developed their own competency model that they added to Leapsome’s skill framework. These include organization-wide competencies such as ‘Communicating Openly,’ ‘Showing Proactivity,’ and ‘Economical Decision-Making’ as examples, while other competencies are role- or function-specific. This skill framework now forms the basis for evaluating employee performance in their performance review processes.

A 360° Review process was then initiated to give every employee a much-needed overview of their current performance. The results of the review cycle were used to create a Personal Development Plan (PDP) for each employee. Finally, specific goals were created for each employee to measure their performance against their plan; all of which are now documented and easily accessible in Leapsome for tracking over time.

Truffls have also embraced Instant Feedback and Praise, meaning that anyone in the company can give another employee both constructive and positive feedback as needed. They’ve set up the Slack integration that sends praise to a public Slack channel that everyone can see. Furthermore, Truffls are now in the process of setting up their unique Praise Wall, which displays all praise on a big screen in their office.

The Results

Through implementing Leapsome, Truffls now have a way for their people managers to give employees the feedback they have been needing to improve in their roles.

“Leapsome is an extremely powerful tool that lets our people managers give their employees differentiated feedback to help them with their professional development. This enables us to strengthen behaviours in our employees that are important for achieving our goals.”

Importantly for Jeron, he is now also able to tangibly measure the overall sentiment among employees as well as the impact of the new feedback processes with Leapsome’s Engagement Surveys.

“I believe in the principle that you can only control what you can measure. The monthly employee engagement surveys within Leapsome allow us to measure engagement levels and derive department-specific measures for improvement. This data is an important basis for systematically developing our employees and our organization.”

Since implementing Leapsome Truffls have already observed tangible improvements across a number of engagement measures, including an impressive 17 point increase in their Employee NPS (eNPS) score. In addition to this, they have seen a 5 percentage point improvement in the Professional Growth category, and an 8 percentage point increase in the Organizational Fit category.

Needless to say, the fast implementation of the Leapsome platform and subsequent measurable impact have been noticed by the Truffls’ leadership team as well as Jeron’s direct manager and colleagues.

Having already experienced the desired outcome of improving engagement levels and satisfaction among employees, Jeron is now turning his attention to Leapsome’s other automation capabilities to further reduce the workload on their HR Department.

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