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10 reasons forward-thinking CEOs invest in people enablement

Leapsome Team
10 reasons forward-thinking CEOs invest in people enablement
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Around 90%* of organizations recognize the strategic importance of people enablement. Their leaders know that putting people first improves productivity, reduces turnover, and builds a more vibrant work culture. Indeed, people enablement is no longer radical — it’s a baseline expectation.

And forward-thinking CEOs don’t just implement people enablement processes: they put their full energy into creating people-centric workplaces. 

If you want to gain a deeper understanding of why the most dynamic organizations are investing in people enablement, here’s the list of reasons.

* NTT Intelligent Workplace Report, 2020

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What is people enablement?

People enablement is a set of strategies and processes that nurture and motivate employees to perform at their best and grow as professionals.
And these processes are made easier, more efficient, and more effective with software solutions like Leapsome

People enablement encompasses practices like:

  • Collecting continuous employee feedback
  • Improving workplaces based on people-centered insights
  • Fostering a people-first company culture
  • Equipping employees with the tools they need to do their jobs effectively
  • Investing in learning and development (L&D) opportunities
  • Recognizing and rewarding hard work and great results
  • Implementing fair compensation strategies
  • Facilitating promotions
  • Building alignment by setting transparent company objectives and showing employees how everyone contributes to reaching them
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Why invest in a people enablement solution?

Find out why effective leaders invest in people enablement — and the outcomes you can expect by doing the same:

1. Promote engagement

Aspects of people enablement like regular feedback and praise do a great job of driving employee engagement levels. That means your people will become more emotionally connected to and invested in their jobs. And with only 35% of US employees feeling engaged at work, boosting engagement levels will give your organization a strategic and competitive edge.

Conducting engagement surveys will help you discover what your employees need to forge this connection. These surveys ensure that your people feel heard and know you value their feedback. But you’ll only see a measurable ROI on increasing engagement if you go beyond listening and take meaningful action on what your team says.

2. Boost performance, productivity & profit

Investing in people enablement nurtures a workforce of passionate, committed employees. This, in turn, impacts your organization’s overall performance, productivity, and profit — engaged workforces are up to 18% more productive and generate up to 23% more profit.

The reverse is true as well. Disengaged employees can cut into organizations’ revenue, as they don’t work as efficiently or effectively. Gallup estimates that disengaged employees lose companies US$7.8 trillion worldwide.

3. Improve employee retention rates

Prioritizing people enablement boosts employee retention rates. According to research by Gallup:

  • High-turnover organizations with high engagement levels have 18% lower attrition
  • Low-turnover organizations with high engagement levels have 43% lower attrition

Another bonus is that lower turnover equals lower acquisition costs — hiring and onboarding new employees can cost anywhere from half to two times the lost employee’s annual salary. 

Investing in your people gives them a greater sense of belonging. People enablement won’t stop employees from leaving your company for good, but it will make it harder for other employers to lure them away.

4. Increase hiring velocity

People enablement can enrich your brand’s image as a desirable, reputable employer. For instance, putting people enablement practices and initiatives into place fosters a team of engaged employees who will be happy to write you glowing Glassdoor reviews and advocate for you on LinkedIn. These actions attract talent to your organization and reduce the need for costly hiring campaigns.

Once you’ve got a steady stream of applicants, people enablement can also improve your acceptance rate. Millennials make up a large portion of the current workforce, and 59% of them seek out companies with opportunities to learn and grow.

5. Enhance transparency

When you have effective people enablement systems, you receive powerful people analytics data to help you strategically make decisions. That means making more fair, consistent decisions about compensation and promotion, which leads to trusting professional relationships and a healthy company culture. 

In short, people enablement means management can:

  • Back up their decisions with insightful, varied data
  • Show employees the processes they use to gather that data
  • Identify development gaps and growth opportunities sooner

Plus, employees crave transparency. Employees who view their company as transparent are 12 times more satisfied than those who don’t.

6. Develop your people

of organizations say L&D (learning and development) has become an integral part of their growth strategy. And that should come as no surprise; L&D is vital to successful people enablement.

People enablement solutions let you:

Ensuring employees receive regular, intentional feedback is a crucial part of L&D and people enablement. Your people need feedback to develop mastery in their roles and feel satisfied and fulfilled by their work.

7. Empower your managers

Empowering management is critical when 56% of employees quit their jobs over dissatisfaction with their managers. And when you provide management with centralized people enablement processes, they have a toolkit to help them improve their skills and coach their reports

Workflow automations also have the power to decrease your managers’ mental load and stop them from getting bogged down by processes. Research shows that the top reason for burnout in management is an overwhelming workload.

8. Automate people processes

Many companies still rely on decentralized systems and heavily paper-based processes. But software with automation like Leapsome is a low-effort solution to this problem. This kind of people enablement software:

  • Provides highly customizable survey and review templates
  • Schedules and automates processes like performance reviews  
  • Automatically sends you and your team task reminders and notifications 
  • Supports organizations of all sizes throughout their various growth stages
  • Displays state-of-the-art data in a way that’s easy for teams to interpret
  • Provides unique insights so that you can improve your workplace
  • Gives you access to industry benchmark data
  • Reduces human error
  • Gives managers the data-backed resources they need to coach and develop their teams 

9. Save time

People enablement software with state-of-the-art automations also helps teams work more quickly and efficiently by:

  • Consolidating all tools and knowledge bases in one space
  • Reducing the need for repetitive manual tasks
  • Allowing organizations to customize processes in accordance with their current and future needs

The result is managers who save themselves and their organizations a lot of effort, giving them time to focus on more high-value, impactful work.

10. Strengthen your culture

Company culture is an essential soft factor because workplace attitude and behavior — like how transparent you are or how much feedback you give — impact every aspect of an organization.

Over half of employees say that company culture is more important than salary, and around 8 out of 10 people consider it when looking for jobs. 

Building a culture around people enablement will create a high-performing team and help every employee thrive.

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