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10 best HR podcasts to inspire your people processes in 2024

Leapsome Team
10 best HR podcasts to inspire your people processes in 2024
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If you want to support your ongoing professional development, staying up to date on HR strategy, processes, and tools discussions should be a top priority. 

A growth mindset is key in human resources: More than 8 in 10 HR managers believe continuous training is important for both attracting and retaining talent, and more than three-quarters of employees say they’re more likely to stay with a company that offers continuous training. (1) 

Plus, with almost half of adult Americans listening to podcasts each month, regularly engaging with HR shows will make sure you don’t fall behind other industry professionals on topics and trends. (2)

That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate list of the best HR podcasts in 2024. 

We cover podcasts on all essential areas of people ops, such as:

  • Remote and hybrid working
  • Mental health and the employee experience
  • Workplace culture and diversity
  • Recruitment and onboarding
  • Performance management
  • Leadership development, and coaching

We’ve curated the 10 top podcasts so you can stay on top of powerful insights from experienced HR practitioners and researchers, and we offer the full list of 130 people ops podcasts to download.

  1. SHRM, 2022
  2. Pew Research Center, 2023
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Our choice of the best podcasts for 2024

Keep abreast of the latest developments in employee well-being, performance, digital tools, and leadership with our top 10 people ops podcasts.

1. The Modern People Leader

Tune into the Modern People Leader for interviews with CHROs, Chief People Officers, and other HR practitioners on their success stories, challenges, and opinions on people ops changes and best practices.

You’ll gain insights into a rich variety of topics, such as how to use metrics to support your leadership, how to develop more business-aligned practices, and how to create a positive remote-working culture.

The Modern People Leader podcast is hosted by Daniel Huerta, a Texas-based marketing manager and analyst, and Stephen Huerta, a former CEO and general manager.

Best for 

Staying ahead of the latest trends in HR leadership.

Recommended listening

Here are three great episodes to start with: 

  • E138 — Building culture in a remote-first environment: Vanesa Cotlar (VP People & Culture, PolicyMe) — 10/30/2023
  • E137 — Handling Nos from your CEO & reminding fellow execs what HR is optimizing for: Melanie Naranjo (VP People, Ethena) — 10/23/2023
  • E135 — Rivian CPO on scaling culture from 9 to 15,000 employees & changing the face of factory workers: Helen Russell (Chief People Officer, Rivian) — 10/09/2023
💬 What listeners are saying 

“Insightful podcast for anyone in HR. I stumbled upon an MPL podcast episode recently and was impressed at how down-to-earth and practical the conversations are. The topics and insights are so timely and relevant (even as I listen to episodes from a year ago), and have helped me gain more insights into what it’s like to serve in a high-level people leader role.

This helps me to explore whether or not I want to move in that direction in the future, and also to be more strategic in my current work with a deeper understanding of how VPs of people prioritize.”

— Apple Podcasts review, 02/05/2023
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2. SHRM: All Things Work

The SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) podcast features conversations with a range of CEOs, keynote speakers, presidents, and founders. They discuss many interesting thought leadership topics, from how to use AI in your organization to the democratization of talent acquisition and how to adapt working practices for GenZ.

Among the podcast’s impressive guests, you’ll find experts such as Steve Preston, a senior executive with multiple Fortune 500 companies, Ravin Jesuthasan, global leader of transformation at Mercer, and Mari Anne Snow, CEO and founder of Sophaya and Remote Nation.

The All Things Work podcast is hosted by Washington, DC-based Tony Lee, SHRM’s vice president and head of content.

Best for 

HR leaders who want to be at the forefront of innovative practices in their industry.

Recommended listening

Here’s our pick of the best three episodes in 2023: 

  • E86 — Donald Dowling Jr. on What to Know When Your Employees Work Abroad — 09/26/2023
  • E85 — Myrna Maysonet on New Best Practices for Managing Employee Conflict — 08/09/2023
  • E81 — Jathan Janove on Why Performance Reviews Need to Change — 04/26/2023
💬 What listeners are saying 

“The information put out by SHRM is really phenomenal work. They encompass not only things that would pertain to HR but employers and employees. 

There is a variety of topics, and if you listen with an open mind, there’s a good chance to grab some key takeaways for leading a better business.”

— Apple Podcasts review, 08/11/2023
Where to find it

3. Back to Work

Back to Work’s charismatic hosts talk through a range of subjects, from AI voice transcription and system updates to TV shows and comics. Their irreverent takes on the latest HR tools, digital platforms, and apps are as entertaining as they are useful.

The Back to Work podcast is hosted by Merlin Mann, writer, podcaster, and retired project manager in San Francisco, and Dan Benjamin, author of Bacon Method and founder of 5by5.

Best for 

Tech-minded leaders and managers who enjoy off-the-cuff tangents and a lighthearted approach.

Recommended listening

Take a look at these three top episodes from this year: 

  • E628 — Beating Yourself Up at Scale — 10/11/2023
  • E626 — Chekhov’s Lightsaber — 09/26/2023
  • E604 — Grandpa’s Automation — 01/24/2023
💬 What listeners are saying

“Love listening to this one. There are four podcasts that always get filtered to the top of my ever-expanding list, and this is one of them. The mix of productivity tips and general life stuff is refreshing.”

— Apple Podcasts review, 01/28/2023
Where to find it

4. Building Better Managers

BetterManagers tackles a vast array of topics related to the challenges of leadership and leadership development. 

Most shows feature a conversation with the host and a special guest. Their lively discussions focus on the soft skills of management, such as communication, conflict resolution, or improving team collaboration.  

The Building Better Managers podcast is hosted by Wendy Hanson, an executive coach, author, and BetterManager’s co-founder and chief of culture and community.

Best for 

Managers and also for HR leaders who want to support managers and employees throughout their organization.

Recommended listening

Here are three of our favorites: 

  • E87 — Boosting Profits Through Leadership Development: John Topping's Insights - 10/30/2023
  • E86 — From Burnout to Balance: Expert Advice with Cait Donovan — 11/07/2023
  • E83 — Cultivating a Culture of Appreciation: Insights from Wendy Hanson — 09/05/2023
💬  What listeners are saying

“Wendy is absolutely fantastic at interviewing key guests and teasing out the valuable knowledge they have to share. Building Better Managers is a must-listen for all those who want to help their companies develop a strong culture and retain talent.”

— Apple Podcasts review, 08/24/2023
Where to find it

5. CIPD Podcast

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development is an association for HR professionals with thousands of members worldwide. As part of the organization’s knowledge hub of resources, the monthly podcast offers insightful discussions on many of the most common pain points in the world of HR.

Listen to learn about the benefits and disadvantages of implementing a transparent pay policy, the impact of hybrid working on organizational culture, or how to strengthen your cybersecurity.

The CIPD podcast is hosted by Nigel Cassidy, an experienced national broadcaster, business writer, and former BBC staffer.

Best for 

HR professionals who want a broad understanding of real-world people ops issues today.

Recommended listening
  • E201 — Embedding a principles-based well-being strategy — 11/07/2023
  • E197 — Are people managers doing too much, or not enough? — 07/04/2023
  • E187 — Evidence-based L&D: Learning off the job — 09/06/2022
💬 What listeners are saying 

“The host of the CIPD podcast highlights all aspects of business, growth and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone who listens!”

— Chartable review, 08/23/2021
Where to find it
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6. Dear Human Resources

Made with the support of Western Carolina University, the Dear Human Resources podcast speaks with top HR professionals and researchers. Hosts and guests shed light on topics as diverse as underrated CEO skills, myths about remote work and recruitment, and using technology to improve employee well-being.

Guests on the show include DEI experts, entrepreneurs, CEOs, wellness officers, academics, and veterans.

The Dear Human Resources podcast is hosted by Dr. Marie-Line Germain, a professor of Human Resources and Leadership.

Best for 

HR managers who want to challenge conventional views and go deep with the latest research on business practices.

Recommended listening
  • E72 — How to start your HR consulting practice — Sally Loftis — 10/15/2023
  • E70 — How technology is changing learning at home and at work — Darren Short — 09/15/2023
  • E66 — Why DEI initiatives don't work — Lily Zheng — 07/15/2023
Where to find it
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7. Digital HR Leaders

The Digital HR Leaders podcast takes a data-driven approach. It features in-depth discussions on implementing HR innovations, managing business change, and all things efficiency and productivity.

Despite the technical expertise on show, the conversations are highly accessible. This podcast is a great opportunity to learn from an assortment of leaders, renowned authors, and data analytics consultants from Deloitte, JP Morgan, Google, and more.

The Digital HR Leaders podcast is hosted by David Green, a writer, speaker, and executive director at Insight222.

Best for 

People analytics and HR professionals with a passion for data-led thinking. 

Recommended listening

Three top episodes to check out: 

  • E167 — How to Create Personalised Employee Experiences (Interview with Piyush Mehta) — 10/24/2023
  • E165 — How to Achieve Data-Driven HR Excellence in a Highly Regulated Environment (an interview with Wendy Cunningham and Peter Meyler) — 10/03/2023
  • E150 — Creating a Future-Proof Company Through Organizational Design and Workforce Planning — 05/02/2023
💬 What listeners are saying 

“This podcast is nothing short of transformative for the modern HR professional. In a world where data and digital literacy are not just nice-to-haves but essentials, every episode bridges the knowledge gap with unparalleled expertise. 

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the world of digital HR or you’re a seasoned professional looking to sharpen your edge, this podcast is a must-listen. David doesn’t just explore the 'what’ and ‘why’ – he delves deep into the ‘how’, arming HR leaders with the tools they need to drive meaningful change in their organizations.”

— Apple Podcasts review, 10/16/2023
Where to find it

8. DriveThruHR — HR Conversations

With more than 1500 episodes in the vault, the DriveThruHR podcast covers virtually every HR subject you can think of. Talent acquisition, business leadership, organizational culture, and digital workplace solutions are regular topics.

Along the way, DriveThruHR’s hosts have welcomed guests such as Ben Mones, CEO and Founder at Fama, Tim Collins, former HR Executive at P&G and IBM, and Liz Wilke, Principal Economist at Gusto. 

The DriveThruHRr podcast has various different hosts, including Michael VanDervort, an experienced HR practitioner and speaker, and champion of positive employee relations, and Robin Schooling, a writer and talent strategist with various HR organizations.

Best for 

Keeping yourself informed across a wide smorgasbord of HR topics and trends.

Recommended listening

Start with these three highly-rated episodes: 

  • Elevating the Employee Experience and Internal Comms w/ Carolyn Clark of Simpplr — 11/03/2023
  • Talent Management Strategies with Michael Ehret of Johnson and Johnson — 02/04/2023
  • Leadership Skill Building: Job Posts and Resumes w/ @KatrinaKibben — 10/19/2022
💬 What listeners are saying

“Hands down one of the best resources for recruiting in today’s world. Mike, Crystal, and their talented guests talk all things HR, but it’s so much more than that! 

…You’ll find actionable advice and tangible tips that relate to any stage of your career, but you’ll also find the inspiration and insight to grow as a human being.”

— Apple Podcasts review, 10/10/2019
Where to find it

9. Emotion At Work

The Emotion at Work podcast provides thoughtful, honest discussions on the impact of work on people’s emotional well-being, the pressures employees, managers, and leaders encounter, and how you can create more positive work environments and employee experiences.

For example, in one episode, guest Mark Gilroy speaks openly about his challenges with chronic pain; in other episodes, there are conversations about imposter syndrome, anxiety, and depression; and one episode talks about the emotional impact of the physical workspace and its furnishings.

The Emotion At Work podcast is hosted by Phil Willcox, a UK-based talent and leadership development specialist.

Best for 

People looking for a sensitive, in-depth discourse on the impact of work on our lives.

Recommended listening
  • E65 — Psychological Advantages of Working Remotely — 09/19/2023
  • E62 — AI in the Future of Coaching — 07/04/2023
  • E59 — Boundaries and Burnout — 07/10/2022
💬 What listeners are saying

“I love the discussions and resulting questions relating to language. Phil has threads running through the podcasts where he asks great questions and engages in deeper debate around language, which really appeals. 

“I love the conversational way this podcast works and goes beyond brief headlines on a topic. It allows me to ask questions myself and hold a mirror to my own language. There is a richness in these podcasts that deserve space and time for a second and third listen.”

— Apple Podcasts review, 11/15/2017
Where to find it

10. Geeks Geezers Googlization

The GGG podcast features interviews with successful industry thought leaders on topics like managing business transformation, the most important qualities in leadership, and breaking down global work barriers. They also run conversations on HR themes, with topic categories including emotional intelligence, wellness and work-life balance, and personal development.

The Geeks Geezers Googlization podcast is hosted by Ira S Wolfe, an entrepreneur and speaker specializing in management consulting and leadership development, and Jason Cochran, a business consultant and executive coach.

Best for 

HR and business leaders who want to stay informed on cutting-edge ideas and understand how to implement them in their organizations.

Recommended listening

These three episodes showcase the best of Geek Gazers Googlization:  

  • Unlocking the Potential of the Everywhere Workplace: How IT is Changing the Employee Experience Game — 11/09/23
  • Unlock your Jedi-like powers of adaptability with Ross Thornley, The Jedi Master of Adaptability — 06/24/2023
  • GGG Unleashed with Amy Warren: Identifying + Solving Recruitment and Hiring Issues with HR Technology — 04/25/2023
💬 What listeners are saying

“A must-listen! Geeks Geezers Googlization has quickly become a favorite in my feed!

I’m consistently impressed by the engaging conversations, insightful content, and actionable ideas. I truly learn something every time I listen!”

— Apple Podcasts review, 04/06/2021
Where to find it

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