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Unpacking the UNLEASH World Conference: key insights & learnings

Leapsome Team
Unpacking the UNLEASH World Conference: key insights & learnings
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Leapsome participated in the UNLEASH World Conference in Paris earlier this month. We spent two days immersed in the world of HR tech and people enablement, hosting a networking lounge and meeting with leaders from across the globe who share our passion for shaping the future of work.

As we engaged in conversations about the ever-evolving landscape of HR, we were inspired by the innovative ideas and forward-thinking strategies that are set to redefine the field, not just for today but for 2024 and beyond.

We also had the pleasure of treating our incredible customers to a truly unforgettable experience — a dining bus tour through the streets of Paris with french cuisine, fine wines, and, of course, the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals.

A group photo in front of the dining bus that took us through Paris

Discussing the future of people enablement

Perhaps the highlight of the whole experience was the thought leadership workshop. In this event, we gathered a remarkable group of Leapsome people champions and HR leaders who have demonstrated incredible thought leadership and expertise in the people ops space. The attendees included: 

  • Jean Pruvost, Talent Development and HR Project Leader at Decathlon
  • Esther Jiron, People Development Manager at Backbase
  • Polina Skliar, Global HR Strategies and Systems Manager at Playtech 
  • Victor Tomas, Learning and Development Specialist at Swapfiets
  • Anja Schauer, Head of Customer Success EMEA at Leapsome

As part of this event, the attendees exchanged industry insights, discussed HR strategies, and explored topics like people enablement, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB), as well as workplace learning. Below, we share some top takeaways from this workshop that you can bring into your HR strategy today.

Galvanizing people enablement strategies 

From our discussion on people enablement, we pulled three key strategies HR leaders can use to nurture well-being and continuous learning in their organizational culture:

  1. Learning autonomy and gamification — Encourage employees to take ownership of their learning journeys by providing autonomy and integrating gamification elements. This approach fosters engagement and enthusiasm in the pursuit of knowledge and skills.

  2. Structured on-the-job learning and peer support — Establish an environment of on-the-job learning opportunities and facilitate in-person events and peer groups. These initiatives create a supportive environment for continuous growth.

  3. User-friendly tools and actionable feedback — Implement user-friendly tools for comprehensive reviews focusing on diverse topics like development, motivation, and 360-degree feedback. Ensure strong support from managers, alignment with results, and a commitment to act on feedback for long-term improvement.

Championing diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging

Our discussions on this topic were enlightening. In order to effectively champion Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEIB), HR leaders can follow these pivotal strategies to drive engagement, innovation, and overall business performance:

  1. Shared responsibilities and measurable goals — Foster a sense of shared responsibility within the organization for improving the state of DEIB. Define measurable and clearly articulated DEIB goals that align with core values and KPI metrics.

  2. Data-driven approach and local engagement Employ a data-driven approach by surveying employees to identify areas for development. Engage in dedicated conversations with local teams and managers to ensure buy-in. Establish clear KPIs in collaboration with managers and communicate the organization’s commitment through a comprehensive plan.

  3. Leadership champions and community focus — Appoint champions within the leadership team and encourage their active involvement. Prioritize actions based on survey results and implement dedicated conversations. Cultivate a sense of community within the organization, emphasizing the importance of diversity and inclusion.

Supporting learning and development

HR leaders seeking to create learning and development programs tailored to a diverse workforce should consider these three strategies for individual and organizational success:

  1. Personalized learning paths — Offer employees a structured path for learning that caters to their unique needs. Personalization ensures that individuals receive targeted development opportunities that align with their goals and preferences.

  2. Micro-learning — Embrace micro-learning methodologies. These approaches make learning more accessible and engaging, enhancing the overall learning experience.

  3. Needs assessment and culture of growth — Conduct regular surveys and reviews to identify learning needs. Foster a culture of growth through hands-on experiential learning, encouraging employees to actively participate in their development. Additionally, consider promoting mentorship opportunities to facilitate knowledge transfer and skill development.
A group photo of Leapsome employees at the UNLEASH World Conference.

The team at Leapsome is already looking forward to UNLEASH 2024

Outlook and next steps 

Our experience at the UNLEASH World Conference in Paris was truly remarkable. Meeting our customers, dedicated people champions from Decathlon and Swapfiets to Backbase and Playtech, as well as visionary HR leaders from around the world left us inspired and up-to-date. We’re committed to applying the insights gained from the workshop to shape our strategies and processes for 2024. 

The exchange of innovative ideas and shared enthusiasm for people enablement reinforces our dedication to building high-performing organizations. We will be attending many events in the coming year and will see you again at UNLEASH in 2024, where we hope to connect with even more of our valued customers. Together, we’ll continue to evolve in the ever-changing landscape of people enablement and HR. 

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Leapsome Team

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