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Introducing the Anonymous Suggestion Box

Leapsome Team
Introducing the Anonymous Suggestion Box
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People are redefining their relationship with work, creating exciting opportunities for companies to reevaluate how they build a resilient business and define success outside of profit. Running company surveys is a great place to start identifying growth opportunities within your organization.

However, a recent study found that even with routine surveys, upwards of 47% of employees decided not to share a concern due to fears of retaliation, questions about the significance of the issue, or a perceived lack of commitment to finding a solution. (1)

This communication gap is why Leapsome prioritized the development of our Anonymous Suggestion Box feature. Easy-to-use and -manage, this feature gives every employee the opportunity to have a deeper impact without having to face common fears about speaking up. It helps with building more empowered and dynamic teams and could result in what Gallup estimates to be a 59% decrease in turnover. (2)

Available to all Leapsome customers as part of our out-of-the-box Instant Feedback module, this new feature enables employees to share their feedback for the company anonymously at any time — without waiting for a triggered survey or review.

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  2. Gallup, 2022

How to get started with the Anonymous Suggestions Box

The feature can easily be activated by the Super Admin within their admin settings — the only prerequisite is that Instant Feedback is also enabled. All Super Admins will have to do is turn on the feature found in Settings > Admin Settings > Instant Feedback.

How to turn on Leapsome's Instant Feedback module
All Leapsome customers get the Instant Feedback module out-of-the-box — simply enable the module in the Admin view

Get started with Instant Feedback → 

Assigning ownership

While Super Admins are the only users able to activate the feature, they do not have to remain the sole owners. Super Admins can assign control of the overview and management of incoming feedback to any user within the Leapsome platform.

  • Super Admins can assign multiple owners, including themselves, to access all feedback. This feedback will be shown as anonymous to anyone who receives access. 
  • Super Admins can assign any user within the company as owner, meaning there are no limitations beyond being a user in the Leapsome platform. 
  • If an owner starts a conversation on an anonymous entry in the Leapsome interface, all owners of the Anonymous Suggestions Box can view the conversation.
Screenshot of assigning owners to Anonymous Suggestion Box
Super Admins can assign multiple owners of the Anonymous Suggestion Box within their Admin view

Conversations in the suggestion box

Owners of the Anonymous Suggestion Box are able to create a stronger channel of communication with employees by starting conversations directly within each piece of feedback. This is an important feature that gives owners the ability to seek clarification or further information to ensure employees are heard all while continuing to keep their anonymity.

Only designated owners will have access to conversations, ensuring that feedback remains anonymous and helping employees feel safe utilizing the feature.

Admin view of Anonymous Suggestion Box
Assigned owners can start conversations on individual items of feedback to gain clarity or further context on an employee's suggestion

Once a conversation is started, the author of the suggestion box will be alerted and have the ability to respond while remaining anonymous throughout the entire conversation.

View of how a conversation on a anonymous suggestion looks within the Leapsome platform
Conversations within the Anonymous Suggestion Box allow owners to gain more clarity and help employees' needs feel recognized without risking anonymity

As an employee, users will be able to create suggestions and respond to (but not initiate) conversations on their own.

General Leapsome users' view of anonymous suggestions or feedback
Users are only able to see the feedback that they've given and engage with conversations only after an owner has initiated it

Easy to access and use for employees

Once the Super Admin has activated the feature, employees can access it by opening the feedback tab within their Leapsome view. The process is simple, with an easy-to-use pop-up that employees can use to voice their concerns, while allowing owners to identify potential areas of growth. 

Screenshot of how to find the Suggestion box
All Leapsome users can find the Anonymous Suggestion Box within the Instant Feedback module

EU Whistleblower Directive

Based on the EU directive to protect whistleblowers, EU member states have implemented or currently implement national whistleblowing laws. While national requirements, like the scope, may vary, Leapsome’s Anonymous Suggestion Box fulfills the basic requirements of the EU’s Whistleblower directive.

The German regulation will become effective later this year and require all companies with 50 or more employees to establish internal or external reporting channels providing a common standard of protection to whistleblowers who raise any and all breaches with their employer. 

This content is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Legal requirements may vary due to your place of business or specific situation, so please consult a legal professional to ensure compliance with applicable law.

What’s coming next for Leapsome & how to get involved

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