15 best employee management software in 2024

As an organization grows, HR professionals and company leaders must move past spreadsheets. Employee management software helps organizations manage and gain insights from their workforce, improving the company culture and the business.

But getting set up with the right employee management tool can seem difficult. Maybe you've already tried tools such as Lattice and CultureAmp and want to try a better alternative.There’s a lot of noise and options, which can be overwhelming for companies. That’s why we’re diving deep into employee management software options for your organization.*

*The information below is based on our research from July to September 2022. All user feedback referenced in the text has been sourced from independent software review platforms such as G2 and Capterra in December 2022.

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Customer rating

Leapsome’s pricing starts at US$8 per user per month. Free trial available



Viva Goals (previously Ally.io)
Ally.io employee management

Pricing not readily available



ChartHop employee management

ChartHop has a free Basic plan, but it can go up to US$16 per user per month (billed annually)



ClearCompany employee management

ClearCompany’s pricing isn’t readily available



Elevo employee management

Elevo’s pricing isn’t readily available.



Factorial employee management

Pricing starts at US$4 per employee per month



Glint employee management

Glint’s pricing isn’t readily available.



The Happiness Index
The Happiness Index employee management

The Happiness Index’s pricing isn’t readily available



Hive employee management

Hive’s pricing isn’t readily available.



Kallidus employee management

Kallidus’ pricing isn’t readily available.



Namely employee management

Namely’s pricing isn’t readily available.



Officevibe employee management

Officevibe has a forever-free plan for small teams. Paid plans are US$3.50-5 per employee per month.



PerformYard employee management

PerformYard provides simple pricing at US$5-10 per employee per month billed annually.



Small Improvements
Small improvements employee management

Small Improvements’ starting price is US$5-7 per employee per month (billed annually).



Trakstar employee management

Trakstar's pricing isn't readily available.



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Features of an ideal employee management system

Before diving into the top employee management software, it’s necessary to look at what an ideal tool looks like:


Can the software grow with your organization? Can it handle more users? Does it have features that scale as you do?


Great software integrates with other tools to make everyone’s lives easier (e.g., notifications via Slack or MS Teams).


If you want your people to use your tool, it must be user-friendly. Does the software offer a great user experience?

Global usability

Many companies work globally. Software that can handle multiple languages and work across various locations is ideal.


Access to data that’s easy to understand and glean insights from is vital for your employee management strategy.


Does your tool have everything you need? The best software has what you need to manage employees in one place.

Ready to upgrade your employee management strategy?

Get started with performance reviews, goals & OKRs, engagement surveys, promotion and compensation management, and more.

1. Leapsome

Screenshot of a Leapsome spider graph

Leapsome is an award-winning people enablement platform that closes the loop between performance management, employee engagement, and learning. By combining all of these features, Leapsome promotes company alignment and creates a stellar experience for people ops leaders and the employees they manage.

The Leapsome platform is module-based — which means it can grow with you as your business needs change. Leapsome continuously delivers new features and takes user feedback and expert insights into account to improve its platform.

Notable features

There are many outstanding features in the Leapsome platform — and we are well-known for bringing them all together to effectively close the loop between performance, engagement, and learning.

Our users love our performance review features, which allow for unique customization and give organizations exciting insights — including connecting skills to a competency framework.

Our Goals module helps you ensure that company goals are the guiding light for team initiatives and individual employee goals. We also focus on offering historical data across many areas of our product, such as our features for 1:1s & team meetings, feedback & praise, continuous learning, and engagement surveys, to make it easy to understand prior context and make data-informed new decisions.

And Leapsome includes the following features with any module:

  • HRIS integrations
  • SSO and encryption features
  • ISO 27001 compliance
  • Multilingual interface
  • Leapsome is great for managing remote, hybrid, and on-site teams.
  • powerful visualization and analytic tools
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Available in 13 languages
  • goal-setting features to inspire your teams and improve alignment
  • continuous platform improvements may lead to occasional bugs
  • no mobile version available yet
Trusted By:

“Leapsome enhances meaningful feedback and employee engagement. It’s a must-have for every company at any stage. We are growing towards 750 employees but the rollout was easy, fast and successful nonetheless.

The great customer support helped us through the whole onboarding process.”

Thore Schӓck

Head of HR & Recruiting
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2. Viva Goals (previously Ally.io)

Ally.io was acquired by Microsoft for Microsoft Viva Goals in 2021. It’s platform that strives to drive results in your business by focusing exclusively on building clear goals. Goal-setting is often a challenging experience for companies, so a platform devoted to setting and keeping up with goals can help your business succeed.

Notable features

Ally’s most notable features revolve around OKRs and goal-setting. Ally has an OKR dashboard that makes it easy to visualize where goals are, give updates to the company, and discuss where goals are going. Creating projects is easy in Ally. You can integrate with tools like Jira and Asana.

  • consulting services
  • not an all-in-one solution

3. ChartHop

screenshot of the ChartHob UI

ChartHop focuses on creating a clear and visual place to house your people ops information. From DEI to compensation and performance, ChartHop’s variety of tools helps people ops professionals manage their employee experience through engaging visualizations.

Notable features

ChartHop’s most notable features revolve around its innovative org chart, allowing users to easily update and export information about where people land in the organization. ChartHop is also known for is its rich employee profiles, which enable companies to get to know their employees on a human level.

  • integrations with popular HRIS tools
  • not an all-in-one solution for employee management
  • most features are only relevant for managers and the average employee won't have a lot reasons to use ChartHop

4. ClearCompany

Screenshot of the ClearCompany UI.

ClearCompany is an option for those more interested in engaging talent before they join the company.

Notable features

The platform focuses on everything from hiring talent to engaging employees. While many of the tools we share today focus on performance management and engagement, ClearCompany also helps you manage candidates.

  • ability to manage employees from new hire to tenured employee
  • reportedly very steep learning curve

5. Elevo

Screenshot of the Elevo UI

Elevo is an employee management software company based in Paris. Companies that use Elevo can utilize helpful tools for interviews and evaluations, surveys, 360° feedback, and more. While much of Elevo’s content is in French, the platform is multilingual.

Notable features

Elevo has several features that HR professionals will find relevant and valuable. You can create an employee database, track goals and OKRs, handle reviews, create individual development plans, etc. Elevo also has many helpful integrations with popular HR tools.

  • modular structure with most features available in the main suite
  • most of Elevo's content is only available in French

6. Factorial

Screenshot of the Factorial UI

Factorial is a Barcelona-based employee management tool with time management, talent management, and finance/legal capabilities. It offers an interesting set of features for employee management — like an ATS, onboarding help, and time tracking. This suite of products can help your team get organized.

Notable features

One of the unique features of Factorial is the time off tracker. Another notable feature is Factorial’s organizational chart, which gives you an automated view of where all of your employees sit within the organization.

  • supports six languages
  • simple pricing model
  • mobile app lacks features and historical data

7. Glint

A screenshot of the Glint UI

Glint is a people success platform that strives to help companies with engagement and development, as well as diversity and inclusion.

Notable features

Pulse surveys are Glint’s most prominent features, with real-time insights for people leaders. The platform allows leaders to send out brief surveys, analyze the data quickly, and make snap leadership decisions that are data-backed.

  • external knowledge exchange hub
  • several language options
  • challenging to send reminders and follow-ups
  • too many steps to drill in to specific information

8. The Happiness Index

The Happiness Index is designed to help companies take in employee feedback, so you can learn from your team and implement essential changes at work to improve your workplace culture.

Notable features

The Happiness Index’s most notable feature is a bank of pre-built surveys covering topics like well-being, workplace culture, and employee lifecycle. These templates are sure to make administering surveys easier for your team.

  • Easy to send out feedback and collect data
  • focused on surveys and doesn't cover other aspects of employee management

9. Hive

Screenshot of the Hive UI

Hive helps organizations understand their people data with expert insights.

Notable features

Hive’s most unique feature is its people science partnership service. Once you become a Hive customer, you can hire people scientists (as an add-on) to help you dive deeper into the data you pull from Hive, design your engagement strategy, run management workshops, and more.

  • interesting for companies looking for an engagement solution
  • only available in English

10. Kallidus

Screenshot of the Kallidus UI

With a breadth of experience serving customers of different sizes and backgrounds, Kallidus has built a platform that helps with learning, performance, and recruiting.

Notable features

Customers have commented that their favorite feature is the intuitive design of the products, which improves employee adoption.

  • modular design so you can choose only the features you need
  • a lot of the offerings come from strategic acquisition. Some parts of the platform might seem disconnected

11. Namely

Many companies struggle to create an employee experience as they grow; Namely core customers are mid-sized businesses that are working to keep up with changes in the HR landscape.

Notable features

Namely’s most striking feature is its focus on mid-sized businesses. The platform’s goal is to tackle company growing pains with strategic services that make HR professionals’ lives easier.

  • wide range of features from supporting onboarding, performance/goals, and benefits administration
  • issues with their payroll service lacking flexibility
  • only available in English

12. Officevibe

Screenshot of the Officevibe UI

Intending to create a low-cost and easy way to gather employee feedback, Officevibe has made a product that can help you learn from your staff members.

Notable features

One of Officevibe’s most notable features is its focus on support and resources for team managers and leaders.

  • forever free plan for small teams (up to 10) with limited features
  • some users complain about repetitive, irrelevant questions in the pulse surveys

13. PerformYard

Screenshot of the PerformYard UI

Performance management can be a challenge across an organization. PerformYard seeks to streamline this process and make it easy for employees to set goals, gather feedback, and make adjustments throughout the year.

Notable features

PerformYard’s reports are robust and help you compare employee performance and identify trends across the company and departments.

  • Some customers point out PerformYard's ease of use and customer support
  • users report that reminders are too infrequent. Reminders to update goals are too infrequent and not enticing enough to make the product relevant

14. Small Improvements

Sometimes, all your organization needs are minor improvements to make it run smoothly. Small Improvements helps companies understand what changes need to be made to create a better workplace culture and employee experience.

Notable features

Small Improvements is praised for being easy to adapt to an organization’s need. While there are many pre-determined settings, you can update and combine aspects of the software as you wish to make it bespoke for your team.

  • good customization options
  • Slack integration
  • interface can be confusing and it's hard to find the correct data
  • English-only interface

15. Trakstar

Screenshot of the Trakstar UI

Trakstar created an employee performance management software to help organizations create a place they love to work at, with tools across the employee lifecycle.

Notable features

One notable Trakstar feature is its ability to integrate external and internal feedback into 360° reviews. Trakstar’s external feedback tool can help you quickly gather feedback from customers, vendors, and contractors.

  • Various tools to handle hiring, learning, and performance
  • hard to make bulk edits to update the performance review process
  • only available in English

Why customers love us

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“We've been using Leapsome for over a year, and we love it”

Susie P.

HR manager

AI software (10-100 employees)

5 rating stars

“I love how easy Leapsome is to set up and explore as a manager and user”

Sarah S.

Chief operational officer

B2B agency (10-100 emp.)

5 rating stars

“Leapsome has provided more ways to keep our employees engaged”

Katy S.

Exec. Administrator & Comms. Manager

Research Services (500-1000 emp.)


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