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We’ve all been there. Someone calls a team meeting to share updates on each other’s work, but by the time everyone’s had their say an hour has flown by; the conversation has gone off on several tangents; and afterwards, there are follow-up emails from participants who forgot to mention crucial talking points. Sometimes the benefits of meeting in person don’t seem to compensate for the time it takes to do so. On the other hand, it’s hard to maintain a sense of alignment without getting people together face-to-face. Wouldn’t it be great if you could optimise your meetings so that checking in becomes a high-leverage activity? 

Enter Team Check-Ins: the newest addition to Leapsome’s toolkit. Team Check-Ins provide a structured space in which any combination of colleagues (including pre-defined teams) can plan and run efficient meetings. 

As with 1-on-1 Meetings within Leapsome, the Team Meetings & Check-Ins feature provides a customisable agenda framework by which to structure your meeting. You might vary the agenda depending on the type of meeting you’re having: adding specific sections for discussing recent achievements; upcoming plans; or roadblocks, for instance. Or let’s say you’re a growth team following Sean Ellis’ agenda for growth meetings, in which case you can structure Leapsome’s agenda framework around each section of the meeting as shown below.

Illustraton of Sean Ellis’ weekly growth meeting agenda
With Leapsome, you can set up meeting agenda sections for each of these items (Source)
Image of the set-up of a meeting template in Leapsome
How you can use Leapsome's customizable framework to structure Sean Ellis' talking points

Any participant can add talking points to the meeting agenda in advance, with the option to make each talking point public or private. Team members can leave comments on any agenda item – whether their own or someone else’s – which sets the meeting on the right track by giving a preview of what people want to discuss. Advance commenting also highlights where team members want to build on each other’s talking points, and where they hold diverging opinions.  

Image of talking points with comments in a Leapsome meeting
Add talking points to be discussed under the relevant section

Once in the meeting, participants can add notes underneath the agenda to keep a record of what’s been discussed. Together with the fact that unchecked agenda items can be set to automatically roll over to the next meeting, ongoing quick access to past meeting notes and agendas makes it easy to remember what’s already been covered and what’s been left on the back-burner.

Another huge benefit of the team check-ins feature is the ability to view other participant’s goals and OKRs, which allows you to cross-reference your purpose with others’ and understand what the team as a whole is striving towards. Not only does this keep team members aligned with each other – it also maximises the possibilities for collaboration and mutual support, as you get a consistent overview of other people’s priorities. This is especially useful for companies new to OKRs, in that it encourages employees and managers to keep their goals in mind throughout the quarter – not just at the end of each cycle!

Image of the Leapsome meeting feature, displaying an OKR check-in meeting agenda
Team check-ins make it easy to get in the habit of updating OKR progress

Lastly, the feature offers in-depth people analytics which give admins and managers insights on the frequency and spread of team check-ins throughout the workforce. In this way, you can understand who is meeting with who and how often – although note that meeting agendas are protected and remain private between the meeting participants. 

Perfect opportunities to use the team meetings & check-ins feature might include launching a new project; holding a retrospective; or assessing your OKR progress as a team. Whatever the occasion, Leapsome’s feature maximises your meeting efficiency and keeps the conversation on track. And you’ll always know when a meeting is coming up due to Leapsome’s calendar integration.

If you like the sound of high-leverage meetings, sign up for our 14-day free trial to check out this and all the other features offered by Leapsome, including performance and 360 reviews, employee engagement surveys, and instant feedback and praise.

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