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People science for
people teams

Leapsome combines industry best practices with scientific principles.

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These organizations trust Leapsome
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What sets us apart

  • Interlinked platform modules and data sets give you direct access to unmatched people analytics and insights.
  • Our team of in-house organizational psychologists and people enablement experts.
  • The collective intelligence from millions of data points and our network of industry experts.
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Scientific principles meet industry best practices

Interlinked modules uncover unparalleled data insights.

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We offer a part of Leapsome via our stock option program.

We offer a yearly budget for professional development

International team of
over 10 cultures

We promote a healthy
work life balance

We support remote work and flexible working hours

We are happy to help with rellocation services

Get a holistic view of performance with interlinked modules

Discover the connection of performance with engagement, goals, and learning to understand what drives great performance.

A team of people enablement experts by your side

Our team of people enablement experts offer superior education and support to help our customers build great places to work. 

Insights from the world’s most forward-thinking companies

We combine learnings from research, industry experts, and our customers to deliver a solution that’s scientific and proven.

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Develop your people, scale your business

Learn why the best companies to work for enhance their people management processes with Leapsome.

Find out why Leapsome is rated 4.9/5 on G2

Our friendly experts are happy to answer your questions or set up a free 14-day trial for you.