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Compensation & Rewards

Launching our Compensation module to enable a fair & consistent compensation & promotion experience

Leapsome Team
Launching our Compensation module to enable a fair & consistent compensation & promotion experience
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Companies often struggle to build trust with employees on compensation and promotion decisions. 

Typically, there are no scalable processes and workflows that enable leadership to reward employees equitably across the organization. Employee trust declines once they get to know they’re not being treated fairly — building up resentment that leads to a drop in productivity and engagement and a rise in turnover.

On top of that, a lack of objectivity and clarity on the factors that guide these critical decisions causes needless worry and anxiety for your employees (including managers and leaders).

At Leapsome, we believe that your people must know that their work will be rewarded fairly — and that everyone in the company benefits from fair, consistent, streamlined processes.

And that’s why we’re so excited to launch Leapsome’s Compensation module for compensation and promotion management. The new functionality enables organizations to build trust by providing a consistent compensation and promotion experience for their people.

“We’re excited to add Compensation as a new module to the Leapsome platform, in addition to our existing modules Reviews, Goals, Surveys, and Learning.

The new Compensation module will enable compensation and promotion processes to be data-informed, transparent, and consistent. Compensation also facilitates collaborative decision-making.

This functionality has been frequently requested by customers, and I’m delighted that we can now offer this to both existing and new customers globally.”

— Kajetan Armansperg, co-founder and co-CEO at Leapsome

Introducing Compensation | Create flexible templates, set up custom rules and criteria, access the proposal dashboard, and much more

With our Compensation module, platform admins can easily build salary, bonus, and/or promotion review templates that are flexible to your needs. Reusable templates with predefined criteria help you build scalable processes and workflows.

The Compensation module is deeply integrated with the rest of the platform, allowing you to set up custom rules based on diverse factors (like ratings on performance reviews or even a specific review category, goal completion percentage, etc.) with customizable weights. 

For example, you can set up a recommendation rule for a salary review that:

  • Takes into account the manager score from the most recent review cycle
  • Also considers the goal completion average score
  • And assigns a weight of 50% to both of these factors

Once you’ve set the recommendation rule, you can define the conditions that inform the recommendations that get sent to the managers and approvers.

Managers, approvers, and the leadership team see all their open tasks in the proposal dashboard, where they can easily take collaborative action and approve proposals. 

When managers or approvers access an open proposal, they’ll have the following info at hand: 

  • Employee profile: Current level, tenure, current salary, current bonus, current goals, and past review cycles.
  • All the recommendation rules that have been applied — along with a final recommendation based on the applied rules. Note: We only provide recommendations based on the rules, the final decision lies with the managers and approvers.
  • The manager/proposer can input the final salary, bonus, and promotion decision —  taking into consideration the recommendations and all other relevant employee info for context.
  • On top of that, you’ll be able to access proposal history, add notes, have conversations with key stakeholders, and do much more.

5 reasons why you should start using Compensation now

  1. Boost employee retention
    Increase trust and retention with consistent compensation and career progression processes across the organization. 
  1. Build scalable processes
    Enable managers and people teams to save time and effort with reusable templates and automated workflows.
  1. Enable your managers
    Support managers in making data-informed compensation and promotion decisions based on objective criteria. 
  1. All-in-one solution
    Collaborate with the right people and make decisions with all the data you need — like performance reviews, goal completion history, and more.
  1. Boost DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) with pay equity
    Access compensation distribution across gender and career levels. Spot inconsistencies and take corrective actions. 

Build trust by delivering a fair & consistent compensation & promotion experience to your people

Make your staff feel valued and respected by providing career progression opportunities that are fair, consistent, and based on objective criteria.

The Compensation module enables HR and People teams to create scalable processes and workflows, empowers managers to make better decisions, and equips leaders to ensure fair and equitable employee treatment across the organization. 

We’re excited to launch the Compensation module to make work lives even more fulfilling for everyone!

🚀 Leapsome helps you build trust with streamlined compensation and promotion processes

Our easy-to-build templates and workflows provide a seamless experience for managers, approvers, and leaders — delivering a consistent experience to your employees.

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