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We’re pleased to announce that Leapsome is partnering with GoodHabitz to bring exciting new learning content to our people enablement platform. Leapsome will soon host five of GoodHabitz’s most popular courses — they will be free to access for all users of Leapsome’s Learning module. In addition to these courses, GoodHabitz is now offering two free months of access to their full platform for all Leapsome users.

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What is GoodHabitz

Founded in 2011 and based in the Netherlands, GoodHabitz is an online training platform providing businesses with a wide array of courses to increase productivity, positivity, and job satisfaction. The company is committed to making learning fun and engaging for employees and nurturing personal development. The GoodHabitz library covers topics from soft skills to digital skills and languages. More than 2,000 companies (including Puma, ADAC, and DEKRA) already use GoodHabitz to upskill their workforce.

Our partnership 

Leapsome and GoodHabitz share a passion for people development and making organizations a place where employees can grow.

”Leapsome enables organizations to drive future-oriented people development by digitizing and optimizing our customers’ people processes. Our designated Customer Success Managers and best-practice library continuously empower our customers.

To drive this process even further, we are very happy to partner up with GoodHabitz and offer new learning courses and training on supporting behavior — e.g., how to give helpful feedback.”

— Lena Hautzer, Head of Customer Success at Leapsome

These courses are now available as learning paths in Leapsome’s Learning module:

Asking for Feedback

If you consistently feel hungry for feedback but are unsure how to go about asking for it, then this is the course for you. The lessons will teach you the best ways of asking for feedback and responding appropriately, as well as using the feedback you’re given to grow and start change. By the end, you’ll be able to contribute to a healthy culture of feedback at work while refraining from developing an obsessive, perfectionist mindset.

Coaching Management

Coaching is an essential skill for managers to develop to drive their team to success. Managers who coach their reports are able to engage their teams, motivate people to peak performance, and further their personal development. The five lessons of this course will focus on the traits of successful coaches, situational leadership, different leadership styles, fostering a good team atmosphere, and promoting talent development.

Exciting Meetings

If you feel like your meetings are unproductive, and people fall asleep on you, this training course was made for you. The five lessons will take you through new ways of making meetings more fun — from managing time more efficiently to using storytelling techniques to grab people’s attention. By the end of the training, your meetings will get the team more involved and produce actionable results.

Keep Your Eyes on the Goal

This training will help you reach whatever goal you set for yourself. Discover different techniques to achieve your goals, set up defined actionable goals and subgoals, make an action plan using a time management matrix, and learn to deal with any obstacles thrown your way.

Tell It Like It Is (Giving Feedback)

Giving constructive feedback is essential for employee development. It can increase productivity and boost the overall atmosphere at work. If you’re unsure how to deliver effective feedback or handle defensiveness as a response, this course is here to help. The five lessons will introduce you to the benefits of giving feedback and guide you through each phase of the feedback process — from preparing feedback to establishing meaningful change.

How to access the GoodHabitz courses in Leapsome

If you’re a Leapsome customer and you’re already enabling your people with our Learning module, you will find these courses available in your library.

If you’re not yet using Leapsome’s Learning module, but investing in learning sounds interesting to you, reach out to your Customer Success manager to see how to activate it.

⭐️ If you’re not yet a Leapsome customer, join the 1,000+ forward-thinking companies that are enhancing their people enablement processes with Leapsome!

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