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Listen to Leapsome’s Jenny von Podewils on the Startup Stereo podcast

Leapsome Team
Listen to Leapsome’s Jenny von Podewils on the Startup Stereo podcast
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Enjoy this wide-ranging discussion between Katrin Grunwald, host of the Startup Stereo podcast, and Jenny Podewils, co-founder of Leapsome.

Over the course of 45 minutes, their conversation covers topics such as giving and receiving feedback at work, managing remote teams, and the importance of communication.

About the Startup Stereo Podcast:

German Accelerator’s “Startup Stereo” is a podcast with and for founders, innovators, and change-makers. Plug into the stories, experiences, and best practices around startups, expansion, leadership, new work, company culture, and more. Learn more about the Startup Stereo Podcast here.

Episode Description:

In today’s conversation, we talk about feedback – feedback as rocket fuel for learning, feedback on feedback, and what receiving feedback has to do with going to the dentist. We also talk about company culture and the role the founders play in shaping it. Towards the end of the conversation, Jenny shares her recommendations for successful distributed teams, great insights not only in times of corona!


Note: to support small businesses during these difficult times, we're offering access to the entire Leapsome platform free of charge until the beginning of July. You can request a demo here.

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Leapsome Team

Written by the team at Leapsome — the all-in-one people enablement platform for driving employee engagement, performance, and learning.
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