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Hot off the heels of the recent relaunch of Leapsome's Slack app — featured in Slack's app store as a "Brilliant Bot!" — Leapsome now also has a Microsoft Teams integration.

Leapsome customers that use MS Teams can now receive Leapsome notifications, reminders, and alerts directly into their Team's workspace, making it much easier to stay on top of to-dos.

This means that employees can receive notifications for the following Leapsome processes:

  1. Instant feedback

    If you receive a request for feedback, or if a colleague sends you feedback, Leapsome will notify you within Teams.

  2. Instant Praise

    The MS Teams account admin can choose to display public praise sent via Leapsome on a public Teams chat. This way, all team members are notified and can celebrate their colleagues' successes.
  3. Performance Reviews

    You'll be notified if you're asked to complete a review. This could be a self-assessment, a peer-assessment, or an assessment of a direct report — depending on whether the review process is a standard performance review or 360-degree feedback.
  4. Upcoming meetings

    You'll be notified of any upcoming meeting's agenda items and talking points. You'll also have the option to access meetings within Leapsome to update this information beforehand.
  1. Employee Engagement Surveys

    If you're included in an employee survey that requires your input, you'll also be notified via Teams. If you haven't completed the task and the survey's admin has set up reminders, you'll also receive these.
  1. Goal Digests

    If your company is using Leapsome's Goals and OKRs features, you'll receive notifications with a digest of the progress on the goals you're involved with. This gives you an overview at a glance of how you and your team are performing.

Get started with Leapsome for Microsoft Teams

If you're already a Leapsome customer and would like to activate the Microsoft Teams integration, you can do so by installing it directly from the AppSource marketplace.

If you’re not yet a Leapsome customer and would like to learn more about our platform, request a demo to speak to a product specialist. Leapsome can help your organization build a continuous cycle of performance management and personalized learning that drives employee engagement and business success.

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