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Leapsome launches personalized learning features to help companies onboard & develop employees — even remotely

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Leapsome launches personalized learning features to help companies onboard & develop employees — even remotely
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Last year, 94% of employees said that they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development [1]. At the same time, a group that is particularly keen on personal development - millennial employees - now makes up more than 50% of the global workforce and research has shown that they value training and development over financial benefits [2]. To retain that talent, it’s now more important than ever for companies to invest in the learning and development experience.

In recognition of these needs, Leapsome is pleased to announce brand new additions to the platform; Learning and Onboarding

As an HR Software provider, Leapsome has been assisting hundreds of HR and leadership teams with enhancing people enablement processes; namely, in the areas of performance management and employee engagement. 

Throughout many conversations, it became clear that employee learning has proven to be the missing part of the equation that reinforces the flywheel between performance and engagement levels. That’s why Leapsome Learning has been built to help companies develop their talent with a highly personalized & scalable learning experience for every employee.

“Most companies already have a treasure trove of extremely valuable internal knowledge and content. We have built the Leapsome Learning feature to help you deliver that content to the right employees, at the right time. We hope that this feature will also facilitate successful remote onboarding of new employees in the current, challenging circumstances.” said Kajetan Armansperg, Co-Founder of Leapsome.

Personalised Learning & Onboarding for Every Employee

As an admin of the Leapsome platform, you can easily create “Learning Paths” made up of individual pieces of learning content - videos, articles, presentations, quizzes, and many other formats - that can then be targeted and distributed to certain groups of employees.

New hire onboarding and the initial training plan is a critical phase in the lifecycle of an employee. As a top employer, it’s an opportunity to create an excellent first impression by providing a great employee experience. With Leapsome’s Learning Paths, you’re able to build personalised learning plans that will help new employees get up to speed in their new roles quickly.

For example, you may wish to create a company-wide Learning Path that will be available to every new hire during their orientation. You might include some content on the history of the company, the mission and values, an introduction to the product suite and so on. In addition to this, you might then have department-specific learning paths. For engineering, an introduction to the architecture of the codebase. For Sales, a deep-dive into the specifications of the product along with packaging and pricing. For Customer Support, a closer look into the most common customer queries and how to handle their requests.

Over time, you will have built a complete onboarding playbook that automatically rolls out to new hires to bring them up to speed and increases their performance.

Of course, learning and development should not be a one-time endeavour during the onboarding phase. With Learning Paths, you can create a superior learning experience for ongoing development by building any number of paths and releasing them to employees as they progress. This could be useful for training new managers, delivering compliance training to a subset of employees or for building paths that stack on top of each other to guide employees through a progression plan within their department.

As employees work their way through the learning paths, measuring their learning progress and knowledge acquisition is an essential component. That’s why you’re able to easily create lightweight assessments in the form of quizzes to assess the employee’s understanding of the learning material. Using multiple-choice questions, you can automatically test their knowledge on the topics they have just learned. Successful completion of an assessment can then trigger the unlocking of subsequent learning content.

For admins and managers, there are insightful analytics dashboards uncovering enrollment rates, progress status, and completion rates. Surfacing this data is critical to help you understand who is benefiting from your learning programs and who might need an extra hand.

Many companies already have a vast library of learning content. Leapsome’s Learning feature will help to unlock this wealth of information and improve the delivery of this content to the employee base in a highly personalized way, forging stronger ties between highly engaged employees and successful employers

Interested in getting started with Leapsome Learning? For existing customers, the feature is now available and can be activated for your company via the admin settings. If you’re not yet a Leapsome customer and would like to learn more, we invite you to schedule a call with one of our specialists.

[1] LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report, 2019

[2] PWC Millennials at Work - Reshaping the workplace

We also launched Leapsome Learning & employee onboarding software on Product Hunt:

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