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Introducing ‘performance calibrations’ for a fairer review process

Leapsome Team
Introducing ‘performance calibrations’ for a fairer review process
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At Leapsome, we strive to make employee reviews fair, accurate, and consistent.

Receiving regular feedback and quantitative ratings on your performance during a review can be powerful for development. It provides an opportunity to learn what we’re doing right and what the key areas for our improvement are. But, it has its caveats. 

Ratings introduce bias. 

A rating of 3 out of 5 by one manager could mean (from the managers’ perspective) that you’re thriving in your role. For this manager, 3 is more of an indicator of potential growth. 

A different manager, however, can choose the same score to signal low performance. 

Some managers can simply be more critical while others are more generous.

This mismatch builds an inconsistent (and frustrating) employee experience, as peers with different managers can have widely different ratings. Your people are left to guess the intent behind review scores without clarity on how it will affect their career progression. 

Introducing the all-new ‘performance calibrations’ for a consistent employee experience 

With Leapsome’s comprehensive review analytics, you can drill down into review scores distribution by managers, teams, review cycles, questions, or skills to spot the outliers.

And now, with just one click, you can start the calibration process from within the Leapsome platform and fix score distributions to provide a fair and consistent experience to your people.

To calibrate, select the review cycle from the drop-down menu. Then click on the review score that needs to be modified and select a new score. 

And that’s it. The score and all the corresponding calculations are instantly updated.

You can easily calibrate the scores for all individual questions or skills for the reviews given by managers as long as the cycle is not closed and they haven’t been signed by the managers

Each change is tracked in the platform: You’ll see the calibrated score, the pre-calibrated score, and the individual who calibrated it. Any updates will trigger a recalculation of the overall manager score. x

To make the process straightforward for the reviewee, they will only see the final, calibrated score.

The owners of the review cycle can also delegate calibration rights to admins or relevant stakeholders if needed.

Making reviews fair, accurate & consistent for employees

Different managers and teams rate performance differently. Calibrations ensure that you’re delivering a fair, accurate, and consistent employee experience during performance reviews across managers and teams. With review analytics and the all-new performance calibrations feature, you can easily complete the calibration process without ever leaving the Leapsome platform to ensure that your people are treated fairly during reviews.

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Leapsome Team

Written by the team at Leapsome — the all-in-one people enablement platform for driving employee engagement, performance, and learning.
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