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Announcing Leapsome x lawpilots: Empowering employees with compliance expertise

Leapsome Team
Announcing Leapsome x lawpilots: Empowering employees with compliance expertise
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Equipping employees with the necessary legal knowledge is crucial for maintaining a secure and compliant work environment. That’s why we’re excited to announce our partnership with lawpilots, a leading provider of online compliance training courses. Leapsome now offers lawpilot’s courses as part of a bundle that can be accessed on the Leapsome platform. These courses will make onboarding new employees easier and help empower your workforce with essential legal knowledge of data security, IT security, and compliance basics in a way that’s interactive, engaging, and easy to grasp.

“At Leapsome, we see compliance training as more than ticking a box — it is an investment in our collective growth and shared success. By educating our teams on the essentials of legal basics, we not only meet legal standards but also cultivate a secure, accountable work culture. All business leaders will recognize the importance of equipping their teams with this essential knowledge to empower them in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

With our new partnership with lawpilots, we aim to deliver interactive, engaging, and digestible content that resonates with each employee and fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of the importance of data security, IT security, and compliance basics. We hope the introduction of these tailored courses helps contribute to supporting our customers in building knowledgeable, legally savvy, and forward-thinking teams.” 

— Kajetan von Armansperg, co-founder and co-CEO of Leapsome

Courses available as a bundle

lawpilots’ courses are conveniently packaged as a bundle, providing a holistic approach to employee legal training. By accessing the bundle within Leapsome’s Learning module, your employees will have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of legal basics, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of key legal concepts. The courses available on Leapsome include:

Data security for employees: Protecting your most valuable asset

In the digital age, data protection is essential. This course covers everything from the importance of data protection to processing guidelines in the workplace. It teaches employees to identify risks and understand rights and penalties for breaches. Completing this course empowers employees to create a secure data environment. 

IT security for employees: Building a resilient defense against cyber threats

Cybersecurity threats affect all types of organizations globally. The lawpilots’ IT Security course provides employees with essential knowledge and practical tips to identify and mitigate these threats. Your employees will learn how to identify phishing emails, recognize social engineering tactics used by fraudsters, handle mobile devices securely, strengthen information security in the office, work securely with external individuals, and effectively respond to cybersecurity breaches. By completing this course, your workforce will become valuable assets in safeguarding your organization’s digital infrastructure.

Compliance basics: Upholding ethical standards and legal requirements

With this course, your employees will dive into what compliance really means and understand its significance for your organization. They will learn how to navigate the compliance landscape, behaving in a compliant manner with confidence. If compliance violations happen in the future, your employees will be equipped to handle them like a pro, ensuring your company maintains its ethical standards and legal obligations. By completing this course, your employees will become compliance superstars, ensuring your company upholds ethical standards and meets its legal obligations with confidence.

“With our strategic partnership with Leapsome, we wholeheartedly endorse the essential role of employee training programs in fortifying organizations and their workforce. By offering robust legal elearning courses, we empower companies to equip their employees with the necessary skills and knowledge in data protection, IT security, and compliance. This strengthens their core assets while nurturing a culture of knowledge, resilience, and trust, creating a workforce prepared to face the challenges of today’s ever-changing landscape.”

— Philipp von Bülow, CEO of lawpilots

Leapsome Learning users can access lawpilots courses, all in English, catering to a global audience. These courses engage learners effectively, simplifying complex legal topics. Plus, they seamlessly link with Leapsome’s Reviews and the Competency Framework for a comprehensive learning experience.

Leapsome and lawpilots are thrilled to bring this exciting opportunity to your team. However, it’s important to note that customers are responsible for verifying if the course content aligns with local legislation to ensure compliance.

You can take the next steps to invest in your employees’ legal knowledge by contacting our team to learn more about activating lawpilots’ courses and enabling your workforce to thrive in a secure and compliant work environment. Knowledge is power, and with the lawpilots course on Leapsome, you can empower your employees to make informed decisions and contribute to a culture of legal compliance within your organization.

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Leapsome Team

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Bauen Sie mit Leapsome ein leistungsstarkes und widerstandsfähiges Unternehmen auf
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