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Did you start the new year motivated to pick up the slack and stay up to date on the latest HR trends and insights? We’re here to help you get access to the most valuable people and HR related content in 2019. On LinkedIn and Twitter; roaming the internet as well as the offline world, there are so many people sharing their valuable insight, knowledge, and ideas with us.

Over the past year we’ve been keeping track of a bunch of HR influencers who are posting the most useful and inspiring content. Just in time for 2019, here is our list of favorites. There are some familiar faces in there, as well as a few more niche names – but all of them are worth hitting the follow button for!

Here goes:

Brené Brown

Brené Brown is a professor and researcher at the University of Houston, Texas. A self-titled storyteller and a book author, she’s spent the last 20 years digging deep into courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy. You might be wondering what this has to do with HR. Drawing on personal experience and backed by empirical data, Brené translates these oh-so-human traits into what she calls “wholehearted leadership”. We guarantee Brené will leave you humbled and inspired.

Julie Winkle Giulioni

Julie Winkle Giulioni is “forever figuring out how people can learn and perform better” (via her Twitter bio). Working on her mission to help organizations tap their only sustainable competitive advantage – talent – she is skilled in training, consulting, public speaking and sharing meaningful content. If you are interested in learning about learning, follow Julie on Twitter or LinkedIn!

Antonio Vieira Santos

Antonios Santos is a senior expert at Atos and Global Community Manager at TalentCulture, an open online community on topics such as workplace culture & innovation, talent management, and HR technology. According to his Twitter bio he has a knack for recognizing opportunities that link tech, ideas, and people. Follow him to stay one step ahead on the latest developments in tech, AI, and work trends.

Amy Edmondson

Amy Edmondson is a leadership and management professor at Harvard Business School where she studies the social and psychological aspects of learning in organizations. Her latest deep dive into psychological safety at the workplace makes for a lot of eye-opening content about the right ecosystem for learning, innovation, and growth and how to build it successfully.

Gordon Tredgold

If you don’t yet know about Gordon Tredgold, it’s about time you did. As a recognized leadership expert, keynote speaker, and business coach, he’s made it to the head of many lists and not for nothing. He knows a thing or two about leadership, and better still, he’s willing to share it with you.

Julia von Winterfeldt

If you’re engaged in the German HR community (and even if you’re not) you’ll get a lot out of following Julia von Winterfeldt. Julia founded Soulworx, a strategy and purpose consultancy designed to help people and organisations find their purpose, and create healthy work environments. On the forefront of building a new world of work, she shares insights and stories about female leadership, culture change, and purpose at work.

Ally Bunin

As an expert in communication and employee engagement, Ally Bunin knows how to create the ideal employee experience. On her Twitter she posts insightful HR snippets on leadership and engagement, inspiring her audience all the way.

Ben Eubanks

Widely recognized industry expert Ben Eubanks is an analyst at Lighthouse Research, author, and blogger. He is especially knowledgeable on AI in HR, which is the topic of his latest book. However, you should follow him if you’re interested in performance management, learning & development and HR trends in general.

Jane Hart

Jane Hart’s hustle is promoting continuous improvement, learning, and development at work. As part of this project she founded the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies, an online learning site for professionals worldwide. Her Twitter will inspire you with informative L&D content, so be sure to follow her in 2019.

Jon Ingham

A people strategist, Jon Ingham writes and blogs about digital HR, the future of work, and about utilizing the power of networks to leverage a company’s potential. Social connection is a central theme to his reasoning, and his ideas about HR provide great food for thought!

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