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Leapsome launches free Meetings module

Leapsome Team
Leapsome launches free Meetings module
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Economic uncertainty is straining resources in this turbulent business climate, and many teams are currently stretched thin. Managers feel the brunt of this, with reports showing that there has been a 2x growth in managerial responsibilities since pre-pandemic times. Their roles have become more complex amid macroeconomic and geopolitical uncertainty, and managers are increasingly supporting remote and hybrid teams to drive business success while simultaneously prioritizing employee well-being. 

Meetings are a cornerstone of communication for managers. They are crucial for managers to help keep their teams aligned, as the format for measuring goals, coordinating workflows, and checking in on employees’ well-being. However, in Leapsome’s Workforce Trends Report — which surveyed 2,500 global professionals — employees revealed that half of their meetings are a waste of time, and one-third have no agenda. Unproductive meeting culture has led some organizations to eliminate meetings altogether or set guardrails around when and how they can occur.

However, meetings are critical to an organization’s success, fostering engagement, collaboration, and culture-building. Effective managers are the key to facilitating impactful meetings that drive alignment and productivity, but they must be provided with the right tools and training. This makes the Leapsome Meetings module especially valuable in today’s hybrid workplace environment. 

At Leapsome, we believe efficient meetings are crucial. That’s why we are deepening our commitment to help companies effectively align and retain their teams. Starting today, Leapsome’s high-impact Meetings module will be free for all organizations, giving company managers the tools they need to engage their teams in a resource-constrained economy.

Let’s transform your meetings from time-wasters to valuable drivers of productivity and success!

* To sign up for Leapsome Meetings, all you need is an email address. Once you accept the email invitation, you’ll gain unlimited, free access — no credit card required. 

 🗺️ Unlock the power of meetings

Streamline agenda creation, align action plans, and ensure accountability with our free Meetings solution — making inefficient meetings a relic of the past. 

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Unlock the power of meetings in 2024

A screenshot of Leapsome’s new meetings calendar.
With Leapsome Meetings, you can supercharge your meetings and align teams completely for free

Effective meetings are the backbone of high-performing teams in today’s turbulent business landscape. Recognizing this, Leapsome is granting free access to our Meetings module to ensure that every meeting is an opportunity for alignment, decision-making, and forward momentum.

“People-first organizations must empower managers with the leadership skills, tools, and insights required to be productive and offset overwhelm. In 2024, many organizations expect managers to do more with less. Still, if managers are ineffective — and when meetings are disorganized or unproductive — companies are robbing people of the ability to meet their full potential. Leapsome Meetings was designed to solve this problem, making effective meeting management a seamless experience. We believe every organization should have the tools they need to make their workplace as productive as possible regardless of budget, so we are excited to launch this for free.”

— Jenny von Podewils, Co-CEO at Leapsome

Make every meeting count with collaborative agendas

A screenshot of a Leapsome meeting agenda.

With the now freely accessible Meetings module, creating productive agendas is effortless. Choose from ready-made templates or tailor one to your team’s needs, allowing every participant to contribute. Updates are automatic, ensuring everyone is prepared and aligned before the meeting starts. This proactive approach eliminates wasted time because if everybody is aligned beforehand and attendees are well-prepared, the meeting time itself can be used for important discussion points.

“The most important thing for meetings is to have a shared understanding of the objective and a clear structure. Everyone needs to be well-prepared. At Leapsome, we have pre-reads so that within the meeting, the time is spent together discussing the topics, making decisions, and not just sharing information, which is better done async. The key is to speak about the most important things in the right order. I have Leapsome on my phone, so whenever I spontaneously think of something I want to discuss in a particular meeting, I add it to the agenda on my phone.” 

— Jenny von Podewils, Co-CEO of Leapsome 

Drive seamless collaboration with anyone

A screenshot of Leapsome’s meeting settings with the option to add participants.

The flexibility of the Meetings module also extends to attendee management. You can now accommodate both internal teams and external collaborators with ease. For example, if you have a weekly check-in with a freelance designer, you can include them seamlessly in your shared meeting agenda. The same goes for collaboration with external agencies. With the updated Meetings module, you can now collaborate on shared agendas and action points — all within the same streamlined platform.

Cultivate accountability with action items & next steps

A screenshot of Leapsome’s action items for meetings.

Without good documentation, meetings can happen in a vacuum without any meaningful outcomes. That’s why in Leapsome, decisions and task assignments are effortlessly managed within the meeting interface, enhancing transparency and accountability. With a comprehensive history of meeting notes and action items at your fingertips, tracking progress and outcomes has never been easier.

“Most importantly, a successful meeting involves making decisions and aligning on what should happen after the meeting — who does what and by when. Or else we find ourselves discussing many things, but nothing happens — that should be avoided at all costs.” 

— Jenny von Podewils, Co-CEO of Leapsome 

Integrations and additional features

Leapsome Meetings seamlessly integrates with your existing tools, including Google Calendar, Outlook, and Slack, enhancing your workflow without disrupting it. Whether you’re managing 1:1s, team check-ins, or all-hands meetings, Leapsome can work with the set-up you already have. 

Leapsome customers can also access the integrated Goals and Instant Feedback modules to keep everyone on track long after a meeting is over.

It’s time to drive effective meetings in 2024 

Adopting Leapsome’s free meetings tool means more than just upgrading how your company runs meetings, it’s about enhancing how your managers help their teams to collaborate, make decisions, and achieve team goals. Expect improved efficiency, deeper alignment, clearer accountability, and significantly reduced time spent managing meetings.

“I could not do my job the way I do if it weren’t for Leapsome Meetings. It is my power feature. The most important meetings in my calendar are my 1:1s with my direct reports, which should be ‘their’ meetings to ensure they’re successful in their jobs.” 

— Jenny von Podewils, Co-CEO of Leapsome 

Leapsome is excited to offer this powerful solution to help teams achieve better meeting outcomes. By addressing the common pitfalls of traditional meeting management, Leapsome Meetings empowers teams to focus on what truly matters — driving results.

Productive meetings do exist — Leapsome Meetings is now free for everyone!

🥳 Let’s make 2024 the Year of Great Meetings

Enable managers to lead better, more engaging meetings and drive success with Leapsome’s free Meetings module.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Who can sign up for a free account? — Anyone can sign up, with or without an existing Leapsome account.
  • How long is the account free? — There’s no time limit. We believe in enabling effective meetings for all teams.
  • Can I invite unlimited participants to my meetings? — Yes, invite as many as you need to ensure comprehensive collaboration.
  • Does this replace Zoom or other conferencing tools? — No, Leapsome Meetings complements existing tools, enhancing your meetings with structured agendas and clear action items while still utilizing your preferred video conferencing service.

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