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We’re delighted to share an exciting milestone in Leapsome’s growth journey: We’ve officially launched Leapsome’s first on-the-ground presence in the Unites States with an office in New York.

Fueled by our March 2022 US$60 million Series A, led by Insight Partners, we’ve opened the doors of our first Leapsome US office in New York City. To scale the business in this pivotal market, Jenny will relocate from Berlin to NYC early next year.

Leapsome’s successful co-CEO model provides the unique opportunity to commit to both markets at a leadership level. It’s important to us that Berlin and NYC are strong and equally significant hubs, with close ties and a unified cultural core. With Kajetan in Berlin and Jenny in New York, we underline our ambition to build an international company in a global category.

The need for an on-the-ground US presence speaks to the rapid growth of the HR technology market globally, which is projected to grow from US$24.04 billion in 2021 to US$35.66 billion in 2038.

The US is the leading software market in the world, and we are already fortunate to work with about 500 US-based customers that use Leapsome to make work more fulfilling for their people.

Leapsome’s NYC office will allow us to provide local support for our growing US customer base, increase our market share, and continue to scale Leapsome into a global brand.

New York has an exceptional talent pool, prime customer networking opportunities, and a time zone that is suited to European collaboration — making it the perfect choice for Leapsome’s US presence. We already have a 25-person team working out of the NYC office, and intend to double headcount by the end of the year.

A  group photo of the Leapsome NYC team in the new office
Leapsome’s growing NYC team

It’s our goal to shape the future of the HR tech market. By 2025, we aim to welcome 1.5 million users to our platform; to achieve this, we’re expanding our position as a market leader globally.

If this sounds exciting to you, reach out to us! If you’re interested in joining the Leapsome team in New York, visit our careers page.

Learn more about our US expansion via the press coverage below 👇

Start spreading the news: Berlin’s Leapsome makes the leap to the Big Apple
, by Dan Taylor, TechEU

Leapsome expands into the USA, by Jan Schulte, Startbase
Written By

Jenny von Podewils & Kajetan von Armansperg

Co-founders and co-CEOs at Leapsome

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