Integrate with any other calendar so that you can see all your 1:1 meetings and team check-ins.

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Sync your calendar app for smoother workflows

Conduct effective 1:1s and team meetings.

Easy setup

Integrate your calendar with Leapsome in just a few clicks.

Upcoming meetings

See all Leapsome meetings and talking points in your calendar.

Structured agenda

Enable all meetings to have a structured agenda.

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Enable productive meetings

Make it easy for your people to have productive and structured meetings. Collaborate on a shared agenda, take notes, and assign action items. The integration with your calendar makes Leapsome meetings part of the daily workflow.

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See all upcoming meetings

Easily access all your upcoming Leapsome meetings in your calendar app. Changes to your meeting settings in your calendar will be automatically updated in Leapsome and vice versa. Build a culture of collaborative, productive meetings in which the agenda is decided beforehand.

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About Calendar

Leapsome offers integration with calendar apps (such as the Google, Apple, or Outlook). You will be able to see your current meetings and talking points directly in your calendar.

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